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  • Yo, you still alive there buddy?
    • Yeah. Sorry I've just had a lot going on and low muse. Just kinda in a slump so I haven't been on or replying to anything. Just... Don't really have the will to rp right now. I'm really sorry!
    • S'alright! Ill keep your seat warm until you're ready to junp back in!
  • I'm sorry for such short lazy replies its just i got to work at 730 CST and wake up at 630 CST (sometimes later) so i try to make the short time we're on together be worthwhile and if I type out a lengthy rp then I fear I won't be able to reply. In similar length till later in the day then we'd only be rping like once. A day together
    • I totally understand! I do the same thing, I work nights so I'm usually only on in the mornings and get out one maybe two replies
  • Hey I was wondering if you wanted to plot and rp with me?
    • What did you have in mind?
    • I haven't done a vampire thread in a while. Would you be down?
    • I haven't done one in very long time either, but sure I'll give it a go!
  • I'm sorry for leaving that neighbor thread.
    • It's ok! No biggie x)
  • Howdy! I'm Forever's alternate account! And, BTW, Supernatural YA-literature-based plotting?
    • I'm game! What do you mean YA-literature, though?
    • Young Adult.
    • XD totally forgot that's what it meant! Lol
  • Hey you know your character Fallen in 'Legends of Alola'? I was thinking if my character Dakota could somehow meet her because they are both lone trainers at the moment ;D
    • Sure! I'd be cool with that
    • I'm not sure which island she's on so I made it so my character doesn't know or smthn :0
    • With her Charizard she can travel
    • I'm sorry but I don't think you understand.
      Why didn't you just say you didn't want to plot? And say why as well? I hate being lied to, you know. I've had that too many times.
    • Wait, what? When I posted after we had plotted I left Fallen open for your character to meet her. I had already posted that she was in a town searching for supplies before you asked about plotting. And when the others asked if Fallen and Ace were going to find each other then, I told them we had plotted for your character and mine to eventually team up.
      How did that make you think I didn't want to plot and just ignored you???
  • hey, just wondering where you went is all!

    (<----*extremely paranoid*)
    • Sorry I haven't had time to get on but I'm back!
    • (*and then there was much rejoicing*)
    • You weren't alone XD
    • Allo?
    • Sorry! I was on vacation to see my family for the week, just got back yesterday so I'll be more active now!
  • 1x1 Lost WitchxOther Night Person thread?
    • Sure! I'm at work right now though so my replies are going to be really slow
  • It'd be really cool if we did a Teen Titans descendants thread, don't you think?
    • Hmm that would be interesting...
    • I wonder what the plot would be, though. Hmm...
    • That's a good question... Cause I'm out of ideas at the moment xD
    • We'll come back to it later at some point, because it does sound like fun :D
    • Yeah it does, I definitely think it'd be interesting!
  • I may recreate yer Night World sign-up thread.
    • Sure go for it
  • Oh! And ya mind if I create a version of our plot where I play Dylan instead?
    • Sure go for it!
  • hey. would you want to rp?
  • Hey, I see you like supernatural! Its such a great show huh?
    • Definitely
    • I haven't found a lot of people who actually enjoy supernatural on this site. Glad I have. I'm not alone, haha.
    • We are out there... Amusing ourselves with RPs until Season 13 comes out lol
    • I can see that, I'm catching up and almost done on season 12 on Netflix. I'm afraid to end it cause then I'll have to wait longer to watch season 13. I'll just rewatch it if anything.
    • That's what I'm having to do lol
  • Hey
    • Hey
    • Lol I have every season box set sold of supernatural! ;D