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  • Psst, I heard you were talking about Harry Potter in the chat. Are you looking for role plays surrounding that world? (And when you say semi advanced, what does that mean to you?)
    • Ehe, yep i was.
      I was looking for a canon x oc. I hace been meaning to use an oc of mine for a while for said roleplay. As for what i mean by semi-advanced i mean descriptive roleplay. 5+ sentences. I can vary from 5 - 15 sentences aka 1-3 paragraphs.
    • I think I can do the 5+ sentences. Now, do you know which canon character you want for the role play?
    • Draco is preferred but id be good with George or Fred.
    • Okay then, I take it you want the oc role? I’m fine with it if that’s the case, I just needed to be sure
    • Yes i would.