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  • What do you think of a recreate of the Kingdom of Avalon?
    • If so I would love to help out!
  • I am working on my forms but I had an idea for my prince brother for Avalon thread. I was thinking he was the son of the late king and another woman where he wasn't acknowledged by the royal family, living with his mother until he was six and she died of an illness. He was then brought to the castle where he was given to a servant to raise within the castle, growing up within the shadows, perhaps Queen Rhea didn't know of who he was until before their father's death?
    • Oh I love that idea! I could imagine it would be quite a shock for Rhea to know she has a half-sibling.
    • Cool and thanks! I have finished and posted my forms. Hope you enjoy the prince's history if nothing else
    • I loved all your characters' forms! They all sound like really interesting characters and I can't wait to see more of them.
  • Hey there! I was wondering if you had the time to answer 2 little questions
    1. I have a fanclan in need of people that could also be a neighbor to Christmasclan, can I send you the link?
    2. If you were able to rp something else (without being too bogged down) what other things do you rp?
    • Hey!
      Sure, I'd love to check it out!
      And I think I can take on one more rp :) Though replies my be a little slow on certain days. My hours at work are changing. I like to rp many different types of animals (really most kinds of animals), human rps, fantasy, medieval, other historical periods, supernatural (both the show and genre), harry Potter, anime, and many different tv shows and moves. Really, I'm pretty versatile.
      Is there anything you'd like to rp?
    • I'll try anything once, thats my motto. Im really up for a dragon rp tho.
    • I'll go check out the clan as soon as I get the chance!

      And that's my motto too actually XD I've never done a dragon rp, but I'd be interested in doing one! Is there any plot in particular you have in mind for it?
    • Well maybe depending on this questions answer: Ever play a Spyro or know about the skylander games?
    • Sadly I only know a little about them :/ I'm aware of some of the major characters, but other than that, I really don't know too much.
  • Ooh, happy 5-year anniversary! (A day late!)
    • Oh thank you! :) I didn't even realize what day it was XD I can't believe it's been five years!
  • Im speaking about Ade
    • Ah, I wasn't sure since Ade is with Tenzi and Tahu. I'll have him speak to your characters in my next post! :)
  • Hi I was wondering if Hasana would like to role play with Jasari? In the lion prides.
  • would you like to rp?
    • Hey :) Unfortunately I just don't have time for another roleplay right now since I've been so busy. Sorry!
    • hey it's batman again do you think you are free now?
    • Hey :) I have a little more free time, but replies may be slow from me at times thanks to work and a few other things. What kind of things do you like to rp?
  • Yo are you alive?
    • I am! Sorry for the inactivity. My mused dropped while my great-grandmother was sick and after she passed away. I think I'm slowly getting my muse back, so I'll try to reply soon.
    • Aiight. :'0
  • Hiya Plu!
    • Hi Quiver! How have you been doing?
    • I've been alright. At the moment I'm trying to get myself adjusted to the new layout. How have you been?
    • I've been doing alright. I'm trying to get used to the new layout too XD It's taking some time, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.
  • Plu!
    • Hey Remus! So much has changed on here! I'm a little bit confused XD This is going to take some getting used to!
    • It sure is. I hope they'll come out with a setting that makes it look like the old version...
    • I hope so too. I just got so used to that layout. I'm getting used to this a little bit, but I miss the old layout.