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Let's Share! has (finally) launched! Our first article is a World of Tanks Guide by Enderclaw!
  • Oh! By the way, what fandoms do you like?
    • I like all sorts of fandoms, actually. I can't decide on one.
  • Hey, I'm sorry for before.
    • It's fine, though IDK what you're talking about
  • I'M BAAAAAAAAAAACK!*busts through FF door* Did ya miss me?Admit it You missed me!:D
  • Plus my friend had me labrl it private..-.
  • Hold up which thread?
    • Of monsters and mysteries .-. You know what...uh...nevermind, I wouldn't really "fit" in it.
  • They keep bumping my threads and im still trying to think of a reasonable answer to Charon's rambling.
    • Oh :/ yeah I think I went too hard in on that one, I'll just file that for future use if I ever need it again. I think that Fang would just say "Okay?" to that though. (Even I'm a little confused by that monstrosity I came up with...urgh. My imagination is dark and wacky)
    • It wasn't a bad reply,i liked the thought put into it,it was my brain however that went kapoot in trying to respond.