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  • hey
    • Hey sorry I haven't been on. Just had low muse and things have been rough. On top of that my phone is giving me problems again.
    • it's okay
  • hey its me giratina

    wanna restart the rp?
  • Hi, I was just wondering, that 'Gems on Earth' thread you have, is that a jump in thread? or a Private thread, just wanna know, so I don't roleplay on a private thread or something... Nevermind, I just saw that it was a private thread, though I would have loved to be in a Steven universe thread, as I love the Steven Universe thread
    • Sorry I'm a bit late getting back been having issues with my phone not charging and right now I can't get it to turn back on..... But I'd be happy to do a thread with you.
  • Hello
  • would you like to rp yellow diamond?
  • I'm starting to find some of the threads from the search, you should try as well it won't let me look yours up