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  • weirdo
  • hello. i just realized your profile music is from the pokemon games. I'm trying to figure out which city, though. or is it from the sinnoh surfing theme? it's been so long since i've played a pokemon game. can you tell me what theme it's from? x3
    • It's Canalave City (Night) From Pokemon D/P/PT.
      Beautiful song, right?
    • ah, i remember now! haha, i knew it was from somewhere in sinnoh x3

      and yes , it is! i think the music nintendo composed and programmed into diamond/pearl/platinum was some of the best. the floaroma town and snowpoint city and sunyshore city were some of my favourites. hearthome and jubilife we're good too. x3
    • ??
    • I've never played any of the D/P games myself, but I love the music.
      My first Pokemon game was HG, and then White 2 ,X, Omega Ruby, etc.
  • hello sir