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  • DAD
    • i'm brushing dust off of my shoulders rn OOF
    • sjkdfkajsldkjfs so dusty. hmu though
  • ily snup
  • wtf how did I not know that you got your account back
  • A little ghost wolf is stalking you.
    • sp00ky
    • Very spooky indeed. ^.^
  • Guess who's back
  • whyyyy ;-;
    • i'm back, bby. no more cri.
    • yOU'RE BACK

      there is more cri bc i am happy you are back oooo:
    • love you bby, i'm here to stay ;^)
  • Rip in peace, sweet pancak
  • Steve Buscemi here
  • screm, bagel
  • have you missed my bulging biceps and terrible french or nah
    • YOOOOO WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? my life has had a significant lack of bulging biceps and mediocre french lately c':
    • why be fashionably late when you can be fashionably dead
    • that doesn't answer your question but i stand by it
  • Vgfdka ies ttasadu
    • i understand this one better than the last one and quite frankly i agree with you
  • Adgyevy it lives jrdcy
  • bonsoir
    • bonjour, mon amour
    • salut, papa gâteau
    • you flirt too hard monsieur
    • c'est impossible, i'm the smoothest and the bestest
    • if you woo me successfully, i'm all yours c':
  • what's your favorite kind of ice cream?
    • mint chocolate chip. hbu
    • dude i love mint chocolate chip?? it's the only ice cream my family buys haha
      fun fact: for some reason the kind we have right now is called 'chocolate chip mint' and even though the words are just switched around it makes me,,, uncomfortable
      my favorite is bubblegum tho ;0
    • mandela effect. also i don't think i've had bubblegum before. take me out sometime to get some c':
    • it's a date :')))
  • yo listen up here's a story
    about a little guy that lives in a yellow world
    and all day and all night and everything he sees is just yellow
    like him inside and outside
    yellow his house with a yellow little window
    and a yellow corvette
    and everything is yellow for him
    and himself and everybody around
    'cause he ain't got nobody to listen
    • wow.... i can't believe you wrote an original song for me
    • it's hard being this talented but it's a weight i'm willing to carry :')) just doing my part for society
    • wow so strong, can i feel your muscles?
  • I'm bored
    • heck, me too. what you gonna do barbara
    • I don't know, snoop. I do not know
  • Queefz
  • happy father's day dad
    • thank you child. means a lot to me. it's time to take you out to crack a cold one with the boys.
  • *politely steps in* ahem... I know we've never met, but I happened upon the dashboard and glanced at the chat room, as per the usual, and I couldn't help but notice the lovely face of Keith as your avatar. Would I be so bold as to ask if you were willing to preform a Voltron rp with me?
    • i don't rp as much anymore but i'm down for it dude.
    • Sweet :3 I mean if you don't wanna that's totally fine I was just wondering xD
    • it's no problem, i don't mind. you can pm me about it
  • keith
    • did you hear about someone doing the nasty with an egg and got it stuck up her cooch and later queefed it out during pe
    • it became a hardboiled egg and she put it in the fridge and later her dad had an egg sandwich
    • i should get off the internet more often.
    • i'm
  • whoever gave me that "congrats you're not a lil bitch" accolade needs to step forward and give me a motherfuckin high five, gdi
  • I doth proclaim that this individual is the greatest
    • i've been blessed
    • With the powers of being great
    • wha, i'm so confused and tired ahhh
    • ohhh me? sure, bubba.
    • Tis quite true
  • Hey Guess what

    I like you
    • that's really gay
  • duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude
    that song is killer
  • boop <3
  • I doth proclaim that I adore this person
  • it's almost midnight and here i am eating salami
    • i swear i'm all over the place rn and everyone can see it
  • it's 2 am, i should sleep :^)