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  • woah long time no see dude
  • I can't believe Archipelagoisland is still around.. oh my gosh! I still occasionally play her nephew, Firtree when I have the time to lol
    • Oh my god! I just brought her back for a plot w/ someone and then that person died off so now she's kind of just chilling in Skyclan. I'd love to see Firtree around though! Where is he?
    • I keep having him show up in threads in riverclan whenever I actually have time to RP lol I could have him move to Skyclan since he's been looking for any remaining family the last few years
    • If you'd like to, go ahead! Skyclan isn't as active as Riverclan though. It might be better for his activity.
  • I've been followed :O
  • a wild rebel was here