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FeralFront has finally launched an official Discord server! You can use the link in the menu or click here!
It's time for the gatherings again! Leader, Medic, and Official!
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The winners for the November Spotlight Contest have been decided! The art goes to Sadie and the writing goes to Vanilla. Congratulations!
Traditional Darkclan is an active medium to fast paced loyal clan with tons of interesting characters and a friendly out of character community - come see for yourself!
Is your character lusting for power, or seeking revenge against an old enemy? The District is a medium-paced group working to become the strongest clan in the land while strengthening bonds and supporting allies. Come see for yourself as they fight not to lose themselves to evil and cruelty!
  • Ree
  • yo is this you jess?
  • Do we want to plot out a roleplay? Maybe keeping with the Werewolf theme since it's something we're both into?
  • Hey It's Me, It's been a long time since I've been on here..
    • Who again? ^^;; I don't really remember everyone after the server switch
    • We used to be in a creepypasta RP together i think, I had characters by the name of Lucifer and Static
    • Ohhhh!!! It's you!!!!
    • Yeah!
    • Would you possibly want to RP? Also Do you Have Amino?
  • Post apocalyptic werewolves? You've interested a bunch of people on the live chat.
    • I saw that haha I feel bad lol I forgot to check it again
    • What I said no such thing?
    • OH K pls ignore that I didn't know where I was
    • Oh its okay aha
  • Oh God is this just going to happen everytime. What is this formatting? Hey long time no see!
    • Hey babe! I thought you were going to say you were leaving ^^;; (just don't talk about the transfer aha. I'll catch you up on the current events if you'd like?) I've missed you!
    • Ah I needed to disappear again to finish up school. Today is my last day of highschool since I will be graduating on Friday.
    • Omg! Wait you're in 12th?! Awesome! Im going into 12th in less than 25 days. (Teachers can't make up their minds omfg)
    • Yeah I am a senior.
    • Noice ^^ have you been getting those stupid fatal errors?
  • beep <3
  • I need to interact with tol more
  • hey chicken nugget