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  • Ahem, from what I know, Elias and Chise get married out in the woods and Chise, who had recovered from the curse I believe where her arm was a dragons arm, currently has now a black arm? That's all I know really, I didn't technically watch it all uwu
    • heh cute. I didn't remember reading the marriage in the manga, just where it was mentioned?
  • boop <3
  • \°♡°/
  • yo is this you jess?
  • Hey It's Me, It's been a long time since I've been on here..
    • Who again? ^^;; I don't really remember everyone after the server switch
    • We used to be in a creepypasta RP together i think, I had characters by the name of Lucifer and Static
    • Ohhhh!!! It's you!!!!
    • Yeah!
    • Would you possibly want to RP? Also Do you Have Amino?
  • Post apocalyptic werewolves? You've interested a bunch of people on the live chat.
    • I saw that haha I feel bad lol I forgot to check it again
    • What I said no such thing?
    • OH K pls ignore that I didn't know where I was
    • Oh its okay aha
  • Oh God is this just going to happen everytime. What is this formatting? Hey long time no see!
    • Hey babe! I thought you were going to say you were leaving ^^;; (just don't talk about the transfer aha. I'll catch you up on the current events if you'd like?) I've missed you!
    • Ah I needed to disappear again to finish up school. Today is my last day of highschool since I will be graduating on Friday.
    • Omg! Wait you're in 12th?! Awesome! Im going into 12th in less than 25 days. (Teachers can't make up their minds omfg)
    • Yeah I am a senior.
    • Noice ^^ have you been getting those stupid fatal errors?
  • beep <3
  • I need to interact with tol more
  • hey chicken nugget