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  • well do u know where to find bokah background items?
    • The only way to get them is to look around the site and they’ll pop up
  • also how do u change whats in the box next to your username * sorry if this is annoying * <3
    • no worries! I'm here to help. Just go to your profile and click the pencil button, choose 'edit profile,' type what you want it to say into the 'custom title' box, and save!
  • how do u gain new bokah background items?
    • you just have to look around the site and they should pop up every once in awhile
  • you set up camp in my wall, leavings yours empty, so I'm conquering it for myself
  • hi there, just wanted to say that you're an amazing human being! have a nice day!
  • Laying in bed extremely sick and on FF this is literally two years ago time travel is real