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  • hello do u wanna do an rp with me??
    • I’m kind of full on threads as of this moment, sorry ^^
    • dang that's alright tho!
  • Hello would you like to Rp?
    • It would depend on the plot I guess ^^ What do you have in mind?
    • Something apocalyptic..possibly a princess/prince is on a hitlist and the murderer tries to kill her but something stops them so they take that person hostage and back to a base..theres all these complex groups and a lot of conflict...thats what I have muse for but if you have any plots or ideas I can hear them out.
    • For some reason, I’m really bad at BxG type threads. I just lose muse very quickly and I can’t reakly focus and stay in character.
    • Im down with GxG I can try BxB but I warn you my guy will be a very soft fluff ball
    • I might be able to do a BxB plot. I’m not sure what sort of plot. Right now, I’m rlly into horror/crime/slight dark themes
  • Heyo! I just wanted to give you a heads up that Sunday at midnight (my time), i will be leaving with a friend on vacation. Itll be about 8 days. I will try to be as active as possible! But just In case im not, this is why.
  • Yeah, sure!

    (edit: rip I didn't mean to make a whole new comment)
  • *finger guns* you wanna do an rp with me?
    • *finger guns right back at you* Whaydda RP, buddy ol' pal?
    • I usually rp bxb and I'm generally open to most ideas. What genres do you like rping most??
    • I do BxB as well. I have a current thread that I recently made if you want the link?
  • Your title makes me crack up, lol ¨Trash queen.¨ I can relate. ^^´
    • lol thanks man. I'm the true Trash Queen
    • Nah, I don´ think so! ^^ You seem okay!
    • Really?
    • Yee! I mean, I dun know you, lol, but you seem pretty okay. Anyone who calls themselves ¨Trash Queen¨ is a-ok in my book ^^
    • Cool beans, my dude, I like being a-okay to people
  • would you want to rp?
    • Depends on the RP, got anything in mind? c:
    • nope. Do you?
    • I usually do BxB modern, assassin, sometimes royalty, or killer/Creepypasta
  • Heya! Would you like to start a roleplay with me??
    • Sure! :3
    • Awesome!! What kind are you thinking we should do??
    • I dunno, I have two BxB plots if you'd like me to PM to you?
    • Is it okay if I use a female character instead? I'm much better with females.
    • The plots are oriented towards males so maybe I can think of a different plot
  • It a Kiddnapped thread that turned into a love romance."
  • Hi
  • Spirit, I found Chu!! It is I, Dark God!!
  • Spirit? Is that you?