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  • Yo, happy birthday! I hope you have a great week and your birthday wishes come true :3
    • awhhhh thank you so much!!! <333
  • Is Aloebite still around in WC?
    • yeah, hes in windclan still but i don't play him that much b/c i lost muse :^( why?
    • just haven't seen him around that much. He's a really cool character, I love him :)
    • ah thank you so much <33 thanks for remembering him haha. he's one of my favorites! i might bring him back? idk.
  • Rip Riddle. He never stood a chance.
    • hhahahahahahha tru lmaO
    • Pls no kill or maim. He is just nice meddie stoner boi
    • cougar wont hurt him hah don't worry <33 u might have to talk to taboa tho
  • Hey Rinnie! Sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to make sure you got your voice heard on the SNRPG poll!
  • i came in like a booowling ball
    rollin' around all ooover your Waaall !!
  • it's time i made my mark on this wall
    sits down
    • *scurries on over to your wall*
  • boop <3
  • hi lonely and depressed, i'm dad