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  • Hey i have a question
  • *pokes you in the eye*
    • *gasp*
    • Bad Magi! Don't poke thy Dynamo in the eye! That's just mean! Even Money will agree with me!
  • Hello! I played back in 2012-2013 when it was WarriorCatsRPG and it would appear none of my old threads exist anymore. Is there a way to access them? This is the account I used although I believe I called myself Gravity back then. Please help!
    • Unless the threads were super sketch, they shouldn't be gone. If you made them on a 'subaccount', you'll need to go to that account to actually see them.

      For some more information, you might want to post in the Help Den, as that's a more reliable place to get an answer. I'm known to not check my wall quite frequently enough. :P
  • Can you tell me what the perks of being an admin are? X3 I asked Rebs but they said I should ask an actual admin.
    • Not too many. You get to pay for the server and ban people who act like jerks. :P
    • That sounds interesting X D
      Welp I kinda got banned for 5 hours because Rebs scratched her hand and clicked on the 'jerk' button on my user x . x
    • A tsk on her. Here I trust the CEs with the power of instaban and she goes and ruins it with her itchy hand.
    • i said i was sorry D:
    • Nono, I didn't mean to be ruse @Rebs I wa just giving an example. Sorry sorry!
  • Do you remember the FF companion app on android?
    • Look at me being late and lame.

      And I do remember it. I made it. :P

      It didn't really work out. The old forum software made it extra difficult to deal with and it never found adoption.
  • Hiya Dynamo! I was wondering where we would be able to donate money towards the FeralFront server? I've looked, but can't seem to find anything
  • Hi!
    I wanted to ask, is there any way of getting an account back? I don't know if my old one was deleted or deactivated, but I'd love to get it back. It's from around 2011 though, so I don't know if it's possible.
    • Hey there. Sorry for the long delay. It depends on the account. If you can find the account in question, we can try getting you back into it.
  • Hey Sunshine. I wanted to apologize for what I said earlier and that it won't happen again.
    • Nothing you said in the shoutbox struck me as horribly out of line when I read back through the super secret transcript that had already made its way out of the shoutbox.

      Everyone should keep in mind, just try and remember that no one likes being told that they, or a group they're part of, should be removed from a location, or is the source of a problem.
  • Hi Dynamo,

    Juggling with starting a paid subscription, but the jumps in donation are pretty large. Would you consider setting up a 'user picks' amount?
    • I was certain I responded to this... I'd said that we couldn't really do a "user picks" but I did update the amounts to be a little more even. :)
    • Thank you :)
  • You missed spelled something in your username..

    It should be..

    *Amazing Wonderful Dynamo
    • As with most things in life, I'm not quite that simple. I'm far from amazing, but also far from horrible and no good. At this point, it's a piece of satire that has run its course. Hopefully the new name is more to your liking. ;)
    • I see what you mean, but I think your pretty snazzy :3

      Also yeet I like your username.
  • I'm not able to post threads nor reply. The options are not there. I PMed you screenshots.
    I have activated my account.
  • I got and error message and was told to forward it to you.- 592d90bb35c0619c1e1d455c96aeb8cdb4b60f51
    • Thanks for the message. Let me know if the issue happens again.
    • okay
    • Some problems (including that one) are caused by various bits of your "account data" being in a "state" that is invalid/quite unusual. That account data gets automatically cleaned up now and again by various mechanisms. A failed/incomplete page load is an example of something that could cause trouble.

      If it happens consistently, though, it's either a general bug (normally the code trying to do something that it doesn't have all the information to do), rather than the type of bug I described above.
  • You arent 'no good', youre fantastic! :D
    Stay awesome Dynamo! Hope youre having a great day!
  • hey sir, I'm sorry to bug ya.
    How long does the post count limit thing stand for?
    Or do I put internal@feralfront in the email thing?
    I think I messed up while making this sub acc.
    • An account created (and subsequently linked) with an email address will skip the limit you're mentioned. Otherwise the limit lasts for a week.
  • can you help me dynamo ?
    • It's generally best/fastest to throw up a request in the Help Den. Often other people can help before I get online. :)
    • aww ok but i dont get answered alot but i see :(
    • If you tag staff, especially an GMOD+, you'll get an answer. :)
  • Hello, I was wondering where to find the thread that deals with the hoodies?
    • The Store is currently being beta tested. If you'd like to order a hoodie now, just send me a Conversation. Otherwise the Store will be opening in a couple weeks.

      The only difference between now and later is that I shepherd your order through the entire process right now, making sure it goes correctly at each step.
    • Noted, thank you.
  • I got a weird error message when I tried to sign on today. It worked fine with the second tab I opened, though. ^w^ Still, here's the error code:

    • It looks like that should be a one time thing. If you can replicate it with 100% accuracy, provide the steps and I can get an error report opened with the forum creators. :)
    • I'll let you know if it happens again, but it hasn't since and that was weeks ago. ;-) So that's good!
  • Sorry to intrude, but I can't find my bookmarks or watched threads list. It's making it hard to find the threads I'd like to bump, since those haven't had posts on them for some time. Any suggestions? Are bookmarks still going to be a thing?
    • Unfortunately I forgot all about bookmarks in all the kerfuffle after the recent upgrade. All the existing bookmarks are safe and sound, I'm just waiting on the creator of that particular plugin (it's one of a couple I didn't write) to get back to me on a question or two.
    • Gotcha, thanks!
    • Your Bookmarks should be returned (if in a different area). I'm currently in contact with the creator of the plugin to see about getting a way to narrow down the results implemented.
  • hi I like your avatar
  • I froget, how do we upload music to our profile?
    • The option was missing until yesterday. Click your avatar -> Click "Profile Customization" under "Settings"
  • Hey Dynamo? This weird error message keeps happening, it's happened twice so far. It gave me an error code: acaaf48fa2cc0c5a2f15e96bf81d1bd9fd1f470a
    • I took a screenshot the 2nd time if you want it.
    • Is it still happening? I was battling a dragon when uninstalling the old Access Restricted Threads and installing the new Hidden Threads.
    • Hmmm... let me see. It doesn't seem to be happening with threads I roleplay with my one friend, but it is happening with two of the others so far.
    • Hm, well, it just let me go back to one of the threads that put up an error code with no trouble. ^.^
    • The other one let me in, too. Okay, good! =D
  • Hey Dynamo? Why is it some people don't like you? Aren't you an admin?
    • Being a leader or the owner of something definitely doesn't mean everyone likes you.
    • That's true...but I'm sorry people treat you like that. If it weren't for you this site would be in shambles.
  • I have a question for you Dynamo, why age requirement? I realize with reading the post about the age but some of these 16 or younger kids are creators of threads.
    • If you already read the post, than you've already read staff's reason for increasing the age requirement from 13 to 16.
  • Digging the upgrade bro! Digging the new age requirements as well, sadly it makes me feel better about myself! lol
    Can't wait to see what you got planned for the main game!
    • Thanks for the confidence in us! And you can't wait to see what *FeralFront* has planned for the main game. Feel free to get involved!
  • Aw, Dynamo xD -huggles- You're All Super Good Dynamo.

    (Yus! xD I'm old enough for the new age parameters!! As are all my friends MUAHAHA)
  • I know this is pretty ransom, but I just thought I'd drop by and say thank you for all you've done for the site! I know you get a lot of hate, but honestly the site would fall apart without you!
    • According to some, the site is only falling apart even a little because of me. ;)

      Thanks for the kind words!
    Dynamo you've gone green o:
  • Hey dyna huge site bug. Fatal errors when clicking on threads. I can't even make a help thread ;_; I have screenshots though.
    • This should be all fixed up.
    • Thanks Dyna, since posting that I've been using I.E on W10 and the sites been fine since so I wonder why Chrome was jacking up
    • Chrome wasn't doing anything wrong, it was just the server getting jacked up.
  • okok dynamo-mo.
    Which thread do I go to if I need to discuss Non-Tradition clan takeovers?
    (Cometophilia's clan, GraveClan.. is incredibly inactive and I don't want GraveClan to die. rip.)
    • Generally if a leader is inactive for more than a week or two the next active high position can take over.

      In the event that all high positions have been inactive for a week or two, it generally ends up as a free for all or the clan dying altogether.

    • So that gives Cometophilia leeway? I just don't want to get in trouble with admins for taking GraveClan over.
  • //splatters paint all over your wall