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  • where have you been!????
    • omg i quit a long time ago booboo
  • army??
    • yep!! you too?
    • aye waddup yeah i am also an army. any other bands you like?
  • //pokes page
    • ack!! sorry bby, i was on vacation and totally neglected ff for a long time ;-; ill try to post once i get unpacked!!
    • dw! I was just kinda concerned and was wondering if you were alright <333
      Take your time, I don't mind waiting longer!!
      (Did you have fun?)
    • sure did!! :3 i hope you weren't too bored all this time <3
    • Ah that's good^^
      Nah it's fine, I was in my holidays so I mainly was sleeping in till like real late and hanging out with some friends!
    • ooh fun!! <33 hopefully i can start posting actively again from now on LMAO
  • sup bby
  • You get over to the new site ok?
    • Yup, I did. Lol it's so weird now.
    • Good to see. Did you want to restart our private? I mean all our PM discussions are pretty much gone, but I remember the gist of them XD
      Doesn't have to be now though if you have finals.
    • Lmao sure. Though I barely remember a thing so you'll have to guide me through

      I'll be done with finals in about two weeks xD
    • Sweet. You'll need to recover the thread though XD I tried but couldn't, just go to old feraltftont. Go to the thread and remove old from it. The enter and should take you to it on the new site