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Let's Share! has (finally) launched! Our first article is a World of Tanks Guide by Enderclaw!
  • this wall is now under the protection of moi! GLUMGOLD! fear my lethal blow !!
  • Hey I created a reverse falls rp if ur in…tID=92080454#post92080454
  • Hiya Anti! Found this video you might like, it’s an animatic with the whole Sanders squad but the main focus is on Virg and Deceit.
  • Hey just saw your name and thought I'd just pop by and leave a little message on here letting you know I enjoy your profile :)
    • oh thanks :D is that suppose to be K.O?
  • Sanders Sides?
  • hello., would your avatar happen to be Virgil from the Sanders Sides videos on Youtube? o:
    • Yes! I love Sander Sides and I really want to rp them one day but after watching accepting Anxiety my love for Virgil doubled Lol.
    • Same! Have you seen the Christmas episode?
    • YES it was so funny lol you wouldn't happen to be interested in an rp with them would you?
    • !! I’d like to but I’m afraid my character in Blizzardclan takes up all my muse. c: Thanks for asking though!
  • Thou interested in playing a Digimon?
    • Its been so long since I was a digimon. I remember most of the names but I would be a horrid Tamer rper.
  • Hey, just a random question, but didja see the Chapter 3 reveal trailer?
  • Thanks for following me back and I love your name/profile picture! ^.^
    • Thanks! Your name sounds familiar, and your profile pic is cool!
    • Ah yes, Zeke Crosse was a character from a series called Blood of Eden... I believe the author's name was Julie Kagawa or something like that! Thanks! I wish I honestly had the talent to draw some of the things I find for my profile haha xD My current one is probably one of my favorites
  • *Squeeee*
  • Hello! Remind me of Skylit again please, my memory is terrible ^^
  • I'm terribly sorry... Been kinda off from this site.
  • Hey man! Don't mean to bug ya, but make sure you get your voice heard on the SNRPG poll!
  • Aaa I was planning to make my form for Ancientclan right n o w but everything is broken ;v; I may have to do it later in the day, I have to study right now and and I doesn't seem as though this will get fixed anytime soon. Sorry <3
  • Hello love,
    If you're really in the market for a bordering clan, perhaps I could construct one? I know I have RockClan (but the muse is slowing because of inactivity) and I have MurkyClan (but we're pretty far into plots it would be too much to throw in another clan)
    I also have a tribe that's in desperate need of activity. People have signed up but never replied to the rp.
    So I can make a clan or can use my tribe. :) If not, I can help you with ideas.
    • Up to you. I can't get on ACs thread rn I get a huge error code :T
    • I think I'm going to make a new clan... I got an idea. OpO
    • Hmmm... Would it be alright if this new clan of mine kinda has the whole spirit animal abilities thing?

      ((And wondering if it would be okay for the clan to have wings o-o))
    • ehhhh I dunno shifting into animals with wings is one thing,people might not be too thrilled with winged cats, and on top of that winged cats that can shift into other animals seem kinda OP
    • Lol well if I go with the winged idea, it would be only wings nothing else.

      But if I do my other idea (shifting into birds only) then it would be that.

      The clans' camp will be along the side of a cliff (ie: their dens are caves in the cliff face)
  • Poke
  • Looking for a rp eh? Care if i make one?
  • Thanks for the like!
  • thank you so much for the credits!! this'll help so much because i run two clans. :^)
    • No problemo
    • Iffa ain't gunna use em why keep 'em right? Besides tibia honest I think you have better use for 'em.
    • aha yeah right now i think Credits are only used for clan boards. but honestly this means so much,,, thank you. you're too kind. ;w;
    • Yeah; rn 50 will get you a header
  • 2017 Spring Semester Schedule:

    MW: 10:50-12:05 World Civiliation
    TR: 9:25-10:40 Sociology
    1:00-2:15 Art 100