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  • I hope this doesnt come off as creepy, (bc we dont rlly know each other) but i just wanted to say that your profile picture tugs at my heart. Red Dead 2 was a great game!
    • Haha no worries! It’s not creepy at all! Thank you! Red Dead 2 was amazing and it honestly made me cry very hard for Arthur and felt for everyone who died/went their own ways. I’m still aching over it haha
    • Same, like anytime i think about it i start to get choked up. Haha, it was a beautiful game with beautiful characters. I definitely need to replay the first one.
    • Agreed! I can heavily relate oof. I’m playing through RDR2 for a second time because I miss Arthur terribly haha. I’ve never played the first one but I definitely need to! (Even though I know how it ends. I came into RDR2 knowing everything would fall apart, as well. Made the experience sadder, oof.)
    • Oh my god this is to relatable haha. Ive been tempted to replay it just for Arthur's sake but i feel like id just cry the whole time haha. But i am excited for Red Dead Online.
    • Man, let me tell you: playing as Arthur again, knowing his fate, HURTS! my heart omg ;w; Same! I can’t wait for Red Dead Online! :0
  • Hey I had an idea for a dinosaur thread that’s been buzzing in my mind for a while. It’s kind of dumb, so I wanted to see if you think I should make it or not.
    • Hey! Ooh, well, do tell!
    • It was based off of when I watched Princess Mononoke for the first time, and my mind just stewed with random thoughts. Basically it’s where dinosaurs were created by different dinosaur gods and goddesses, the main ones being the Tyrannosaurus God, the Triceratops Goddess, the Raptor God, the Brontosaurus Goddess, the Stegosaurus God, and the Spinosaurus Goddess. They they created and ruled over their respective species, until the dinosaurs became extinct. Cut from the far past to the far future, where the earth has been deemed uninhabitable due to pollution and nuclear war. In order to solve this, humans escaped to the far reaches of space. Seeing this as an opportunity to bring their species back, the dinosaur gods and goddesses covered the earth in rich greenery and filled it with prehistoric animals. The dinosaur gods and goddesses returned to their positions as rulers of their respected dinosaur clans, and everything was like it had been back in the Triassic to Cretaceous era. However, one thing was different. One day, the Triceratops Goddess found a human infant all alone. Assuming it must’ve been left behind from when the humans escaped to space, she and the other members of the Triceratops clan decided to raise her. Now the thread follows the child, who is now a teen, on her daily life living in the Triceratops clan and their relationships to other clans.
    • DUDE. I love that idea! I’d be totally up for joining that thread if you made it! I’m also willing to help out with ideas and such if needed.