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  • Yoyo my main Floridian friend. How ya doin? :3
    • Hey Myst! I'm doing pretty good, kinda tired though. Gonna be heading to bed here shortly. How are you doing? It's good to hear from you! :0
    • Same. I'm pretty tired too. Have a lot of tests coming up this week :/ Anyways, hope you sleep well! It's good to hear from you too. It's been a little while, eh?
    • Best of luck with the tests! Thanks friend, I'll try. Yeah! It's been a LOOONG while!

      Alright, well, I'm headed to bed now, so I'll talk to you again soon! <3 Night friend!
    • Thanks! My test today went pretty well. Two more to go.
      Anyways, hope you've had a good day! <3
    • Good to hear! I hope the other two go smoothly.
      I had a great day! Working on a zombie apocalypse thread based on The Last of Us as we speak, so I'm having a bit of fun. I hope you've had a great day, too!
  • In fear that my question to you will disappear by the time you return, do you want to do the Plotting in pms before making a thread once the plot is made?
  • I was curious, but do you like Skyrim at all Stormy? (Also THAT RIN PROFILE PIIIC)
    • I do! But I haven't played Skyrim in YEARS. And yes! Rin is best demon :')
    • XD Is that picture from season two? And I was curious because you also mentioned to liked Castlevania.
    • Yeah, it is. Finished season two a few days ago. Liked it better than season one tbh. And ooh yeah! I love Castlevania <3 but I haven't played any of the games, just seen the show on Netflix.
    • Oh I played two of the games! It was the Lord of Shadow series, pretty epic video game for the PS3, rather interesting about vampires too actually.
    • Ah yeah! I heard Castlevania was very well received as a good vampire series. I'm hoping they release new ones for PS4, as I doubt I'll ever get to play them unless I get a PS3.
  • smooches your board
    my bab ily
    have some dream cream: the bad moods go bye bye and the good moods say hoi hoi
    • Hey Dream! I don't think I ever replied to this oh god sorry- how are ya?
    • ahh, you’re fine lol. i’m p good, except i have to go to school tomorrow :,). hbu?
  • Are you still interesting in Oakland dog farm?
  • I love archery too! Would you like to talk about that?
    • Oh, cool! Sure! How long have you been doing archery? :0
    • About a year or so ago. I caught on quickly and seemed too have a natural talent for it so I took it up as a hobby :) You?
    • Ah, that's awesome! I started about two or two and a half years ago now. Like you, I had a natural talent for it, and have since developed a love for it. :)

      I'm thinking of getting a wooden/primitive longbow. But I'm first and foremost thinking of buying a viking throwing axe, as well as a viking battle axe- I'd love to take on axe throwing as a hobby, and keeping a battle axe around for looks and practicing on smaller targets that don't require throwing.
    • My mom (who also is a very good archer) has a wooden longbow. My dad got it for her as a present, and it's really pretty, hand crafted, but no finish. It looks simple and natural.
      My bow is black and made of plastic with a pink grip. I don't like it that much, and I'm trying to get a new (wooden) bow, but I'm broke, haha.
    • Aww haha. That sounds really cool though! :0
  • dabs all over profile
    you have been protected by the motherly love of the one and only dream
    ily <3
    • screeches

      I feel safe and loved

      hellooo dream <3