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The winners for the April Spotlight Contest are as follows: Writing goes to Cass and Art goes to Suwaco

The next Spotlight Contest can be found HERE!
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The winners of the latest giveaway are: Shadowstartheleader(first winner) and Bobbar 7857(second winner)!! Congratulations!

The next giveaway is for Fallout 4! Check here for more info!
  • If you are ever active again, delete one of your conversations and hmu. I would love to talk again. Discord is Star ~#0061
  • Hihi, I was looking at the old site and I think you messaged me last month? Also it's been forever o:
    • uhh I don't remember your username, but I know you... are you.. green bananas?
    • Yes!
    • omg greenie! hello!!! I'm not really active on here anymore, but it would be cool to see you on :O I miss you!!!
    • Yeah, same here!! What's your Xanje username?