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  • Oh, hey! I roleplayed with you before! S'been a while! I was gonna respond to that one roleplay you had in anime but someone beat me to it aha ^^'
    • Hi! Nice to see you! If you want, I can make a private thread for you
    • Yeah, that sounds good! I feel so bad for dropping from our threads. I had to move states and it was a really hectic time for me, but I'm completely back
    • It’s good! (I do it some times too) I’ll send a link when I repost it
    • Alright, cool. Btw I've been trying out BXB and it's been going pretty good. So if you wanna do it that way I'm cool with it
    • Ok here’s the link:…can’t-get-enough-private/

      BxB is just the original plot but if you want to do GxB I can change the forms (I don’t have a preference lol)
  • Thought I'd drop by and say 'allo; it's been awhile since we last rp'd
    • Hello :P
    • So how are ya doin?
    • Good. You?
    • Eh, bored; rps are slowing down around here...
    • i was kinda browsing my old threads when i remembered the rp we did long time ago...

      Now that Im re-reading the entire thing, I can't help but wonder what i was thinking in some of those posts i made...
  • I love your art in the October contest

  • hi there, just wanted to say that you're a beautiful human being! have a nice day!
  • Yo!