jai. am i the only one?

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  • I won’t pressure you dear believe me being busy I’m not going to harp about one of my twenty rolelays Rn so if you do wanna do one Stiller me know I won’t bite
  • i hope you're okay
    • i'm fine. are you?
    • that doesn't matter, what matters is that you're fine. i'm reealllyy relieved. you can stop replying to me now (ノ﹏ヽ)
  • Hey jai, would you be interested in joining an roleplay I created? It's kinda like a roleplay about scientists who take in kids and experiment on them and give them powers by doing so (its better explained in the first post of it)
    • sure!! that sounds awesome!! tag me in it, i’ll check it out as soon as i’m free. ♥️
  • You asked me about a roleplay before didn't you?
    • I believe I did!! ^^
    • What kind of stuff do you roleplay?
    • I truly think the better question would be "what don't I roleplay!!" I'm v e r y open to all kinds of things, whether it be humans, humanoids, or animals of the like. I usually, however, do bxb, if that counts for anything. I'm open to others though. ^^
    • The same could be said for me. However i dont do Bxb really. I only do it in group threads to keep my characters and their romances from being repetitive.

      Therefor i dont really do gxg either. I mainly do bxg in regards to 1x1s.
  • Jai my dear what's jeon's eye color owo
    • uhhhh like,, coffee black (or am i too late)
    • too late but that's funny as I have described Sora's as coffee brown XDDDD this is just whimsical i love it
  • Also Jai. I just want to say that I don't think Freak. was getting hostile with you someone just poked over their wording and thought they were meaning something negative by it, I'm sure everyone is over it with no hard feelings so i think nobody has beefs with you~
    • aaaa honey you're an angel. i would certainly hope not. i don't even recall the thread i'd ghosted >< i do feel bad, however. thank you for your kind words. ♥
    • actually I am a extraterrestrial Hyena with Kneesocks as its avatar lol xD
  • halo buds-
    • Halo buds, indeed ;)
    • Ye c: I've been looking for Halo people for months.
    • Ayyyee well hey, here I am, man
  • kpop?
    • kpop ;)
    • ayyeee
      which groups you stan
    • gosh, there's so many to list >< bangtan is my top, but i also stan monsta x, vixx, block b, and a whole bunch of less popular groups like high4, hotshot, etc. these are just a few by the way! you?