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  • just dropped by to say Hi~
    • Hi love!! I wanted to message you on Discord the other night, not sure what stopped me.
    • I haven't been on my discord for a bit I made a new one for some reason t hen just quit using it for a bit xP. How you doing?
    • ahhh. well luckily i didn’t then. i think you told me this before, too. i’m doing well! just laying around since it’s my day off ^^ you?
    • Working, I'm on break now though, I work doubles till Sunday. We are off for Easter
  • Do you know who I am?
  • So my ghost character, i am a little annoyed with myself because I am gravitated towards one picture and one picture only for his reference image, but it's a bit similar to Hikaru's, literally brown hair and almost the same color eyes
    • truly, if it's the faceclaim you wanna use, use it!!
    • I will , thank you! I think its just the attitude, and personality captured in the face. I'm so excited I am actually making good characetrs with depth now!
  • Are you still interested in role playing with Hikaru?
    • yes!
    • OK so if you want to just do a 1x1 it can be our 2 characters meeting in a town while Hikaru is on a job to assassinate someone (mind you he won't be going in for the kill yet he is learning his targets patterns, routine, etc). I'm also joining Sacred Lotus
  • 1/2 of a cocoa berry? There are chocolate berries?
    • cocoa berry is something a friend and i came up with. i miss him a lot, haven’t talked to him since september :’) so i keep this up in his memory i guess. how are you, anyway, lovely?
    • Ah, I’m sorry, they may come back though. I am crazy, stressed and content and most things in between. That sounds cryptic but I can’t answer that with just one word.
  • jai.!
  • rest easy, jahseh. thank you for everything you've done for me. i love you. rip x.
  • I saw that you said you love bts
    • LOL, yeah they’re my kids even though i don’t really keep up with them
    • I love them, I love other kpop bands too, but I really love bts
    • i kinda think they’re over hyped but i also love them <3
    • There is a big conversation I have for that but I don’t want to get into it xD because then it’s going to be about over the top fans
  • jai... may I use your fancypost, it's really cool
    • sure! which one? i can send you the code~
    • it's basically the one that you have for your character fallensoul
    • okay! would you like a different header gif? also thank you for the compliment <3
    • I would, something around the same length and size you have, but flowers instead if that's possible? (since its the flowering kingdom)
  • jai. I need help
    • hm?
    • I’m obsessed now and I need a lifeline back to reality.
    • obsessed with what :o
    • *wheezes* BTS
    • AHAHA. aw honey. as soon as i start falling outta the fandom too.
  • I'm finally kinda not in your time zone in front of you mwahahahaha
    • hm? what time zone are you in??
    • I'm in Chin on holiday and I was waiting for you to post that zephy stuff
    • ohhh~ well i'll be active for a few more hours honestly <3 what time zone are you originally in?
    • Germany
    • What about you my dear 🌐
  • I missed you cinnamon-roll~
    • DID NOT