jai. i'm on a hellevator

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  • halo buds-
    • Halo buds, indeed ;)
    • Ye c: I've been looking for Halo people for months.
    • Ayyyee well hey, here I am, man
  • Yo saw you on Dashboard, we can RP I can do more then just animals if need be
    • Oh, awesome! I'm sorry I didn't see this comment any sooner, by the way. I didn't notice it in my notifications.
  • kpop?
    • kpop ;)
    • ayyeee
      which groups you stan
    • gosh, there's so many to list >< bangtan is my top, but i also stan monsta x, vixx, block b, and a whole bunch of less popular groups like high4, hotshot, etc. these are just a few by the way! you?