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  • Hi! Okay I’m really sorry to bother you but for some reason my account heather chandler <3 isn’t letting me log in and when I got on to this account and went to one of my threads my account says I’m a guest and I’m just confused because it was working a few hours ago.
    • Is it asking for a confirmation code and that's why you can't log in? Or is it saying you logged in and then calling you a guest?

      I would try clearing your cache if it's the latter
    • I tried logging in but it would say there’s no username like that and when I logged in here and went to some of my threads it says I’m a guest and won’t let me click on the account
    • It sounds like the account might have been deleted. Did you ever choose to delete your account in the past? I believe it takes a week to actually go through if you clicked it awhile ago. If not, link me the threads, and I'll see what I can do.
    • No I didn’t choose to delete it it just kind of happened?
  • hey... I logged in after a long time and now I'm really confused... where did the pets go and why is my profile so empity?
    • Hi! We got rid of the pets long ago, as they didn't catch on too much and we wanted the focus of the website to be more towards writing. We had a software change over a year ago that's probably the reason your profile is so empty!
  • I don't know how to pm yet but I have a serious question.
    • You can send a conversation to me by clicking the profile button on my profile and clicking "create conversation"!
  • hey! i'm having some issues being able to get the confirmation code for a sub account considering it has one of the generated feralfront emails attached to it, could you help me out?

    i was gonna pm you, but thought maybe you're stuff might be overloaded. ^^"

    there's the account for you!
    • You could've PM'd me! It'd take a lot to make me run out of room for convos. Your account should work now!
    • I’m sorry!! I figured since you were an admin it might be hard to keep track because of other people might be flooding your inbox lol but thank you for your help!!
    • It's no problem! And you're welcome! (:
  • hey!!! idk if you remember me or not but this is noah :) i've been recently rereading old threads from years ago about ink and fleur and ululare and other characters and just thought i'd say hi!!!! i wanted to message but i can't figure out how to??? is that still an option? i don't know how to use this new website layout at all lol
    • I got your message and sent a reply!
  • Hi
  • I wish you a good day tomorrow
    • So far it's going good! :P
  • Guess who's back
  • Heyy, I got a budgie for my birthday!! ^u^
    • That's awesome! What color?
    • Thanks! ^w^ Blue and white! =) I named her (probably him lol) Jamie. She's so super sweet. She already ate out of my hand. O.O
    • Super cool!
    • Thanks! Did you ever own a budgie?
  • Rip it sent twice so. Awkward edit here.
    Crap I'm sorry I missed the actual comment
    This is the fifth edit help
  • Ala is best.
  • Ala is best.
  • Hey Ala, what so you think it the limit for messages for conversations?
    • What do you mean?
    • Like do you think there's a limit to the amount if pages a conversation or RP can have? I've always wondered.
    • Hmm... You know, i'm not sure. I can try and find out tomorrow :P I'd think it's astronomically high if not infinite for RP threads (i've seen some pretty long ones, like heartfang) but after awhile on the old forum things became glitchy once the thread got too long. So like... it could continue but it's not necessarily efficient for it to do so... idk about conversations!
    • Pfft well I was just asking because I am VERY far in conversations. Above 100 to 200 pages even at some points.
    • Well let me know if you ever hit that limit xD
  • Does that parrot belong to you?~ <3
    • His name was Chief and he unfortunately passed away in 2015, but he was my Quaker Parrot yes (:
    • Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that! He looks like he was a real sweetie. =(
    • He was! He'd give kisses at night and fly around the house to sit on your shoulder. He also knew tricks ^_^
    • That's great! =) I used to be good friends with my grandma's first bird, he would sit on my finger, let me pet him and eat from my hand. He was a blue parakeet; he passed a few years ago, his name was Rudy. =(
    • That sounds pretty awesome (: Birds are pretty special creatures if people give them the chance! If I ever get another one though, it'll be a rescue. We didn't clip Chief's wings and one time he escaped outside (we got him back) but when he was outside he was having the time of his life. I felt awful putting him back in a cage.
  • psst <3
    • Yes? (:
    • Just spreading the love. c': Hope you're having an alright day.
    • I am! Hope your day's going well too (:
  • Thanks for reminding me to re-get an avatar
  • Ala you're on. Welcome back!
  • Hi, dumb question--I joined here two or so days ago, and after sending out three messages (to three different people), it told me I was at the maximum conversation limit. I thought that I maybe sent questions too quickly, but it still says that today. Will this ever change?
    • The longer you're on the site, the greater number of conversations you can send (: If you go to your conversations, check them, you can then leave them and that will allow you to create more
  • Ala you're on so much omg. Are you okay? Are you getting enough rest ?? I worry. c,:
    • Yes of course :P I also have a habit of not shutting down my laptop so that may contribute to my "always on" lifestyle
    • Just checking! ^.^ I'm on so much I notice these things, so I guess I shouldn't be the one to talk lol.
  • hi! a silly question but, what are the backboards and how do I get to those boards? x'D (the ones with say, HawkClan and others owo)
    • You can get to them through the official roleplay board in the non-traditional roleplay section (here>>

      When people refer to backboards they're usually referencing official clans and groups that are a little less active and therefore not on the main page of the non-traditional roleplay (frontboards). They're just like frontboards and exist in the same world as them (occasionally after monthly post counts, some frontboards and backboards swap places due to shifts in activity)
    • ohh oki thank you!! :)
    • You're welcome!
  • Gotta question for you: Is it godmodding or powerplaying when someone controls your character, and is it against the "rules" of Feralfront? I'm in a Clan and we're at a gathering and I myself can see why the person did it, but others might not be as clear sighted. Anyway, the leader made the entire clan cheer, quiet down, get upset about a kit dying, then be glad that the fox that killed the kit is gone. Now like I said earlier is that GM or PP and is that something the thread owner can get in trouble for doing?
    • No one is allowed to control someone else's character without permission from the character's roleplayer (: That is something that can definitely be reported and would be more akin to powerplaying. Godmodding is basically being super op and "godlike" or unbeatable, and is also something that can be reported (:
    • So even though I'm okay with her controlling my character as she did, should I still report it because she controlled everyone as a whole?
    • I'm a little confused by what you mean, but if you are unsure whether or not something should be reported, you can still report it and put in the reason that you're not quite sure along with the reason. No one will get in trouble if they didn't do anything wrong (:
    • Sent in a report ^^ Thanks Ala for helping
    • I'm sorry for butting in, but I've seen the thread you're talking about and they put in a clear explanation for what they did, and it wasn't powerplayimg or godmodding. I just don't want the person to get in trouble no reason. c,:
  • how do I get this off my computer I get it < and wasnt interested in that I wanted a romance rp no nsfw and even edited the thread for it
    • The warning was put up due to a widespread issue on the site, not directed toward any one person, as shown by the tags list on the side menu. It is not able to be removed because we want to ensure the message gets out. The option to remove it will be given probably sometime tomorrow.
    • thank you im sorry to have toubled you
    • No problem at all (:
  • <333
  • smol ala
    • :'D Come play league with me
    • i luv playin league w u <33333333333heartheart
  • Yo
    Am I allowed to ask why alpha was banned? They're super nice so I don't know what's going on
  • Hey, the LOTR on your siggie thing means "Lord of the Rings" doesn't it?
    • Yes it does!
    • I thought so!

      I was considering proposing a crossover RP with another book series I know well, the Inheritance Cycle. Simply because is sounds cool on the surface.
    • I liked the inheritance cycle as well (: sounds interesting!
    • Oh really? Do you mind if i use an OC dragon rider?
  • omg is this dovah? congrats!!
    • yes this is dovah xD congrats to you too!
    • omg idk if you remember me but its britain! it's been such a long time!

      But i cant... what were some of the characters you roleplayed?
    • i can't remember the names of most of them, but we definitely roleplayed in boneclan together!
  • Ahhh <3 So many wonderful people I know are getting promoted!! Congrats Alakri!
    • Thank you!!
    • HECK for how long you've been on here s' bout time! Your welcome!
    • haha well thank you xD Yes I have been on here forever lol
  • congrats on becoming community helper! ^.^