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  • So about Vixen and Azkaban, I might have her be slightly evil but she won’t kill him rather poison his mind but maybe ends up caring for him?
    • So I think everyone liked the original plot and I liked it also
    • Ok sounds good
  • Would you be interested in joining my clan?
  • dustyyyy, we should do i private rp!
  • Are you open to one 1x1 just curious.
    • Maybe, what kinda Roleplay?
    • I was thinking maybe a fantasy or an animal based rp if you would be down for that.
    • Sure, pm me with your idea or the thread if you created it and I’d be down with either
  • Want to plan a romance between Alpine and Kenna?
  • Hiya Dusty! Do ya like LOTR and The Hobbit?
    • I haven’t watched either in a long time, but I’ll totally check out your thread?
    • Go for it!!! Anyone is welcome and if isn’t right for you no worries 😊
  • Want to plot with Callie and Kingston?
  • Hi :3
  • I’d love a plot between Honey and Marrone
  • Hey I was wondering if you’d be up for a Perry and Wolfen rp, with their pups? Possibly there’s another wolf family where one of Wolfens pups is getting Betrothed to them?
    Also sending you some good vibes!
  • Howdy there, I saw your comment on your latest post for the gryphon thread. Just sending some good wishes and happy thoughts your way, I hope things get better for you soon!
    • Thank you so much! That’s very kind of you!
  • So is the pack of moonlight does Wolfen still like Perry?
    • Yes lol. I’ve tried to start conversation with her but Wolfen is a busy man lol
  • I have an idea for a plot in the Pack of Moonlight, could Alpine possibly be arranged to mate with a new pup OC im working on? Since he is being brought up as alpha she could be brought up as alpha female? Or no.
  • Hello~ stranger. Long time no see, you might know me as DiamondPuppy. I made a different account since that one was getting flooded with rps.
    • Omg!!!!!!! And for some reason I had a feeling it was you!!
    • I guess it's just my aura when writing that you sense
    • Maybe! Haha but glad to see you back on feralfront
    • It feels good to be back too! I'm just glad to see one of my old rp buddies!
  • Pm me the link!
  • Hey! I thought you might like this thread I made! feralfront.com/thread/2514131-…y-semi-advanced-advanced/
  • Hope your having a good day!