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  • Hello! Would you wanna do a Splatoon or Pokemon rp?
  • HEY ! So, yes I have seen your splatoon thread and trust me I am a huge sploon fan.
    but you see, I'm really lazy and don't think I could teach myself inkling language.
    would you be interested in doing a different thread only using english? haha,
    • I wasn’t really expecting anyone to teach themselves anything...I just intended to sprinkle in some things for my own practice and expect people to understand either through context (I.e. my character cursing at a video game) or me putting translations under ooc. You don’t have to use inkling at all; it’s purely a me thing
    • OH ! then shoot ! I'll probably post a reply in the morning if that's okay !
    • Please do
  • Hey, do you want to rp?
  • hi wanna rp?