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  • Do we start a war xD?
    • Do you want to? The last one we did was actually really cool with how Ryuuji and Cat worked so perfectly together, even without Sauske being there to contribute to their usual attacks as a squad.
    • I suppose so. It can stir things up considering they are actually husband and wife... or do you want them to be separate teams?
    • I was thinking they stay a team? Perhaps they end up having to split up in the future when they get assigned students (Kakashi was the best teacher for em) but for now let's keep their legendary partnership alive xD
    • Yups. Sounds good to me. :3
      I forget, Cat is a jounin? I know Yu is a special due to circumstances. Im too lazy to read back to previous posts xD
    • Yeah she is, they haven't done their exams to become Shonin (idk if I spelled that right...) yet. She's just far more advanced than the others, for obvious reasons, even if she doesn't admit it.
  • What's the plan forbour thread?
    • Kids, building their clan. Maybe we could go with the ninja war that ends up happening later on? Hmmm. Idk. Maybe Cat and Ryuuji find out about Neji's death? Hmmmm.. I know we agreed on the children part. I'm trying to answer now.
    • Bbmp?
    • Sorry, I am getting to replying.
    • no prob :3
  • I still cant get on our thread for some reason :(
    • That is unbelievable. Do you just wanna make another thread and continue it on there?
    • Yeah.
    • Do you wanna make it or shall I?
    • You have to. I cant see the thread...just read my last reply and reply to it ^^'
    • Will do. I'll send you the link when I make the rp later today.
  • Eyyy it's me!
  • Hey, it's Shade!!
  • Hey there, if you're interested I found both Castle Break and Cryptic Hunters. I can send you the link and we can continue those.
  • Btw, i found it easy to find my threads if I type in the names of my characters. Thats how I found the one we had.
    • Wait seriously?
    • Yeah it narrows things down a bit if you know the full names pf characters. The keywords pop up nicely xD
  • Hey! Its me! Found ya and found our thread lol xD…∂/?pageNo=39#post89092076
  • Do you need a link to our thread?