Pax. gay asian space lizard

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  • Just poking by to say hi <3
    • hey Noccy :D how have you been?
    • I'm good! waddled back here cause of Revvie but I'm more on BB with AJ and Fox.
      (suffering cause of senior year tho) how are you you (:
    • ahh I see
      good luck with senior year!
      i'm doing well, just puttering on as usual haha
    • yeye i kinda stalk here more than rp
      oof thank im doin my best
      thats good! i miss seeing you around but glad I happened to find ya
    • lol
      same though! i miss rping with you all
  • Hi pal i'm just visiting but also very confused at everything now :')))
    • hey :D
      lmk if you have any questions! i feel like most things can be rped as they were back then, just with the new lore and power/body restrictions in mind
    • I definitely will! I might come back as the utmost casual roleplayer, I'm not quite sure yet. Everything just seems so different and I don't know where to start lol
    • i'm pretty casual here as well, just posting a couple times a week
      i currently rp in blizzardclan if you would like to join me there!
    • I think I will check out BlizzardClan! It seems to be very popular with the old WindClan folk too and I miss 'em ;;
    • Aaaye! Welcome :D
      Let me know if you need help figuring out a character or adopts
  • m'pax
  • c;;;;
  • you are absolutely adorable
  • Holy hell, the one and only Pax! I was wondering where you were!
    • oh hi! sorry I don't recognize the name (bad memory)--did you go by any other name? what characters did you play?
    • Oh, I was never in an actual RP with you, but awhile ago you helped me get used to the site(you were one of a few) and I saw your username
    • Ahh! that sounds more familiar now! how have you been doing?
    • Good, just trying to locate anyone I used to know and fine old friends
    • ahhh do you need any help with the new set up of the site?
  • my favorite gay asian space lizard
  • hello lesser son
    did you eat yet
    • Literally the most asian thing i ever read in my life
  • hiya <3
  • stop beig gay ive told yiu this already son ✋
  • bloot moot soot i spot a cute
  • Pax, my fav latin word (lies)
  • Pax, my favorite word that rhymes with.. uh... axe
  • Pax, my favorite Asian
  • boop <3
  • #gayforpax~
    • what
    • lmao nothing paxy. just being dumb, dont mind me. c':
    • o_0
    • (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥
  • so
    i heard there was a next time @mention me i love those
    • ah i'll try to remember i have really bad memory
    • fite me
      yeah i forgot to respond whoops
  • sup it's buttercup from copper's stream
  • Paxy love I miss yo face
    • omg just realized that i forgot to reply
      thank u
    • u disappoint me.
    • i'm real bad with replies
    • it's cool. ^.^
    • i'm really bad with replies
  • paxfather ! <3
  • Eyy boss, what's your Deviantart again? I wanna rummage through your pretty arts like a raccoon
    • ooh shoot sorry forgot to reply! I must've clicked the notification--
  • -wiggles on in-
    • porqueeeeeeeee?
  • pax i am s o b b i ng
    i try to pm you, but u are too popular
    ur convos r too full
    rip in rip

    but rly i was wondering if i could use the art jae gave amour in my signature?? i love it omf
    • rip i have almost 400 convos wthhh but yeah of course! feel free to use it!
    • Bless :) !!
  • fite me
    • i am peaceful why
    • i wanna tussle
    • no i am peaceful
    • ok
      //huggles you
    • /no body contact/
  • a wild marmar appears and decides to steal eclipse!!
    • "i am still loved"~eclipse 2017
    • oml
      eclipse pls
    • "provider please come back"
    • give me one reason boi
    • how can you say no to this face
  • Nerd
    • khajiit is innocent khajiit has done nothing wrong
  • hai Paxy love <3
    • heyyyyy how are you faring?
    • pretty good so far.
      how about you? how's the new site layout working for you?
    • doing well! super tired but i'm managing. It takes some time to get used to, lol--tracking and bookmarking threads is difficult lol
  • sends many a love to pax
  • stay cool
    • lakemom help
    • i'll give you a lifeboat
    • thank you lakemom
  • from the betelgeuse system...Betelgeuse Seven? If not, sorry, just asking.
    • i just thought of a random star and decided on betelgeuse. no real significance to it xD