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  • hi
  • Eeeeeee I’m back! I saw the replies I’m so excited I’ll make a reply soon! Okay!
    • Alright!
    • Okay! Making reply now, I’m finally back.
  • Hey I need your advice on something
    • Shoot. And I have an idea based off both a creepypasta and a comic book storyline.
    • Okay tell me that after. For now, I made a plotting thread a while back for an idea about an extended universe on urban fantasy threads called the Dark Kingdom. There was never a thread made yet centered in the Dark Kingdom except for one and it died. I really want to bring it back and I was wondering if you wanted to help work on it with me

      Here’s the link if you’re interested.
    • Holy crap,that actually sounds good!
    • Thanks!
    • Should we do it?
  • Also, yes a magical train station is good! Eeeeeeeee I’m so excited I also have some ideas for the other kingdoms living in Airian.. if you would wanna know?
    • Oh sure!
    • Omg I’m so sorry.. you replied so long ago I joined that discord and was doing stuff in life...
    • It's fine! Also, what other types of plots doya do? And maybe we could do more ideas with Kairo?
    • Okay so the kingdoms I thought of were, Elf Nymph and Fairy kingdom(all living together) Mermaid kingdom
      Siren kingdom
      Vampire kingdom Werewolf kingdom and maybe another world with the more darker creatures. You can suggest more kingdoms or comment,if you think some of these creatures couldn’t live together in harmony.. I am open to suggestions! Also, yeah we could do more plts with Kairo just... ask me I don’t really have types of plots that I do, I do any type of plot if it’s a friend! No matter how crazy!
    • Okay, I love those. And...Any fandoms?
  • hi! I wanted to say that I was gonna wait for centaur mom to reply before making Kiratha come in.
  • ayee hi! wanna plot something
    • Just made a thread inspired by both the Mandela Effect and stuff like Flashpoint. Sure!
    • seems pretty interesting. do you have a preference for what kinda faceclaim i use
    • Use anything, mate. I'm also making something inspired by Hellraiser and Xiaolin Showdown.
    • I've never actually seen either of those two
  • Just want to let you know, your profile picture is very relatable.
  • Hey, I was wondering if you still wanted to rp in the Grimm thread and the Dangerous Chemistry thread? If not that's fine but I'd just like to know. Thanks!
  • Yo which thread of yours did you say had Toxic and you wanted me to join?
    • Actually, I invited them to Nightingale remake.
    • Ohhhhhh I see. Sorry I thought you were talking about another thing. Anyways, did they accept?
    • Yeah, they'll be moving their form there, soon!
    • Cool! Hey I made a thread recently and I was wondering if you knew anybody who likes the mutant laboratory type threads.
  • Oi, ya still there?
  • Hey, just a small reminder to finish your form! As soon as you do we can start the RP!
  • I didn't want to intrude on your X-men thread since there seem to be people you're waiting for to post on there but I might like to do X-Men
    • Oh, heck yeah! As I said: First come, first serve. And you seem to be the first.
  • heyyy would you be interested in doing this plot with me and Orokana?
    • A and B are a pair of mages/hunters/whatever, and they run into huge trouble. A gets killed, and B is heavily injured. C, a demon, shows up and offers to save both their lives. In exchange, C gets to travel with the two of them. B takes the deal, but neither B nor A understand why C did what they did. (Turns out that C just wanted some TLC.)
  • Beep beep I’m not sure if you’re still interested in the RP but I think it’s still your turn LMAO
    • Oh, yeah! I'm still interested. Just stuck for ideas.
    • Andrew’s on his way back so Darcy and Dorian can Justin be discussing the box.
  • You sent a message on my wall asking about what plots and fandoms I'm in?
    • Yeah.
    • Are you interested in rping with me?
    • Kind of, yeah.
    • It depends on the fandom of which we are both familar with. I'm terrible at writing cannon characters.
    • Mine range from anime ( a lot of that) to movies to books.