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  • hey i was wondering where you got your avvie? thats elektra, right? i wanted to make an elektra charrie :3
    • Yes it is! I actually got it from a friend - he didn't make the art himself, he just found the image on Google and edited it lol
    • i love it! thank u
  • Hey, I was wondering if you knew if there was a way to personally archive a thread (like, download all of the contents of a thread, with posts and everything) because there is an old roleplay I made a long time ago that I would like to have saved somewhere on my computer, but I am unsure how to save the 12,000+ posts from it.
    • I don't know of any method myself - sorry!
  • hey pen i have a question

    my badges are gone and i can't find them???
    • In the months leading up to the site transfer, members were encouraged to save the images of badges [now known as accolades] they wanted to keep on their account so that once the site transfer was complete they could be recreated. If you can still find the images of your old badges somewhere you should be able to recreate them!
    • yes i know that, but when staff began adding them again, i was given them and now they're gone
    • Which accolades are you missing?
  • pen, my favorite gif PFP that just so happens to be modded
    • !!
      you're too kind hahah
  • if u were a fruit u'd be a fineapple
    and if u dont like pineapples i guess u can also be a cutecumber they both work
  • people who deserve 2 be loved, respected, and cherished :
    wow is that pen again
    guess who? it's pen.
  • Pen, the best mom
    • Des, the best son
    • !!!!!! OH SHIT!!! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!!
    • RIP Pax c,:
  • Pen, my favorite writing utensil
    • Tea, my favourite beverage
  • Pen, my favorite Asian
    • Copper, my favourite German
  • woaH pen yr still on omg,,,hey it's ita
    • Hey Ita! We were in the Insignia together right? If not, feel free to hit me for being an idiot haha
  • Congrats pen! :^)
  • question cause I can't message; can I take the weekly tasks prompt idea from blizzardclan and use it in the exiles? it's really cool and so much easier to manage and word :O
    • Yeah I don't mind!
  • Hiya~ Ahaha this is late but could you take me off the Blizzfam Skype and stuff? I'm moving my char Eve to Maple's new clan. It's nothing personal, I just can't handle the fast-pace of Blizzardclan with how hectic my life is rn. I need a slow clan. c':
    • Yeah of course lol - I think you could leave it yourself tho; can't do it rn tho because I'm at school/on mobile.
    • oh cool i didn't know that. i'll go do that.
      alright thanks!
  • Im baaack
    • new number. who dis? hahah kidding - welcome back to the site!
    • We used to chat like YEARS ago bro, Can't remember what about. But I still have the messages in my inbox lol.
  • it won't let me message you so i'll just ask here

    so orchid has a possibility of being promoted if his activity is kept up, and i have a plot where he's going to secretly become a part of the cartel because he's being influenced by someone there. i wanted to make sure it was fine since if he was promoted, there would be a possibility of it affecting the rest of blizzclan and i wanted to make sure it was alright.
  • hello twice sorted Hufflepuff
    meet twice sorted Ravenclaw. :^)
    • Hello! It's always a pleasure to meet another fan of Harry Potter!
    • i love harry potter.
      which books are your favorite?
  • I saw your comment on my thread and I wanted to stop by and thank you.
    RPing with you was honestly a great experience for me and I'll miss that.
    I'll always miss the time we had in Windclan. thank you for helping me grow.
    • Yeah, of course. I'm sorry that we weren't able to roleplay together when we had both returned to the site but I'm glad that you're just feeling okay. I hope you'll find happiness in whatever you decide to do next.