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  • you. remember me. but do i remember. you??? would. i know any. characters you. played????
    • Uhhh Tiramisu, Lucian, Venta, Soap?
    • um? idk. wait were you in the homestuck hub???
    • uhhh i was for a little bit, yes. why?
    • ok thats where i know you from and probably why you're following me XD
  • You should obviously remember me x3
    • Ohhh hey! Yo, it's nice to see you again.
    • I messaged you on Quotev
    • Yeah... haven't been on there in a while. I'll check
  • Muddy?
    • Pheonix?
    • It is you! I forgot what your username was at first. Would you like me to send you the links to some of our threads?
    • Yes please. This new site is hard to navigate. ;-;
    • It is. I'll go get the links, and I'll message them to you.