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  • Have you made Nightfall a bio yet? If so, i would love to see it and get to know her better! <3
    • I thought I did.
      The tags should be: Midnight MC Alpha, Warrior cats RP character, (and one other I can't remember)
    • Hmm, i saw that you had two threads, but neither looked much like a bio.
    • I don't know then. I'll try again later.
    • Ok, that’s fine :)
    • Okay I made Nightfall a bio.
      If the search works it will be under "Midnight MC Alpha's character bio storage"
  • Oh I would love that! Who is your mentor?
  • just wanted to give you a formal welcome to the site! i see you're joining riverclan; i play finchpaw there - one of the medicine cat apprentices. let me know if i can help you at all!