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  • Does a horse thread tickle your rp bone?
    • For sure
    • Sadly, I'm not good at making rps, so if you ever make one let me know! I would be down to help with plots
    • Sounds like a great idea I’ll get started on it, would a jump in be a potential option or were you thinking something else?
    • jump-in is great with me! Sorry it took so long, it makes me wait 900 seconds to post!
    • Don’t worry about it, I’m making it right now I’ll let you know when it’s up!
  • For the lion pride, I have the idea of a young female cub being raised to be the leaders second-in-command? So like a mate, just wondering before I make a post!
    • I think that is a great idea, of course!
    • cool, are there any main plots I should be aware of?
    • Nothing at the moment, just the fact that Naya is a rogue and possibly joining the pride soon
    • Cool, I'm creating a male, a female and two female cubs (one being the one to be raised as the future 'queen') if that's alright with you.
    • Of course, can’t wait