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  • Hey you like Hunger Games rp right?
    If so, check this out please.
    • Let me know what you think of it.
    • I'm sorry, but I'm just not interested in HG
    • Oh, okay.
      Thank you.
    • The only reason I'm not interested is because I don't really know what HG is. If I got a good explanation...

      I might join
  • You're playing Snape too?
    • ?
    • In my recent activity box it said you opted to play Severus Snape in an rp.
      I'm playing Snape in an rp with the same person you said that to.
      I wasn't trying to eavesdrop so for that I apologise, but I just was surprised to see that you would play him.
    • Oh, it's fine! You just confused me!
      And yeah, I'm Snape. He IS my second favorite character, after all!
    • Who's your favorite?
    • I think Harry, just because he's so relatable
  • do you know any good anime rps i can join?
  • Saw you commented on my wall. I was wondering if you’d be interested in one of these threads?…ferent-worlds-boy-needed/
  • Meep. When is Coyotefrost gonna ask Crystalcloud to be his mate?
    • Soon
    • Alright, also, the war has not started yet but it is almost here I didn't want to do it without you, and Crystalcloud is now expecting Silverstorm kits
    • Let's have at least one kit be Coyotefrost's kit. I want him to have a kit before he dies.

      A greencough epidemic sweeps through camp. Thistlepaw and Coyotefrost catch it. Thistlepaw is convinced he needs to die to see Fernpaw. Then Fernpaw sends a sign that Thistlepaw was meant to live. Thistlepaw is now determined to live, and he recovers. However, Coyotefrost is not so lucky. He dies beside Crystalcloud.

      Raccoonpaw gets bitten by a snake.
    • Ok, she will have another smaller littler with him
    • Also, I'm adding a little twist, where Blossomstar goes to the Darkforest and Thistlestar goes to Starclan
  • have you ever done any tv based rps?? Or heard of Carmen Sandiego?
    • I do do TV based rps, but I have never heard of Carmen Sandiego
    • it's about a female latina thief that has a bit of a history but is like a robin hood I guess. I have the trailer and information on the thread I made if you wish to check it out

      I also know the episodes of the new version are on Netflix as well as youtube
    • We have the entire first series of Carmen on DVD!
      I have never heard of her race being a Latina though... 0.o
  • Do you do dog RPs?
  • ...why is nobody on...
  • Do you know how to make a GIF your profile pic?
    • No
    • I had an idea. Right before the beginning of the Great War, Thistlestar brings a patrol to MeadowClan. He tries to get them to stand down. He fails, so in anger, he attacks Thistlepaw and Fernpaw. Coyotefrost is held back, while Fernpaw is killed. Crystalpaw, meanwhile, is off visiting Silverstorm.
    • Hmmmm. Interesting. Maybe add on something about Fernpaw saying something about him being related to Bramblestrike? Thistlestar would then, very much would want to kill him.
    • Who's Bramblestrike?
    • Thistlestars father.
  • Btw, do you know about Khan Academy?
    • Yes. As of now, I am Thistleclaw🐺🐺🐺
      I used to be Thistleclaw🐱🐈🐺
    • I KNEW IT! I don't know why... Probably the sign-ins... XP
    • (By the way, I'm FFC the official owner-was the official owner of Windclan on KA. RIP Windclan. But now I have made a new Clan, Meadowclan! Already has 30 cats!)
    • I knew you were FFC! Was my cat Swiftflame or Swiftshade?
    • Swiftflame.