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  • Hey, Asperpaw?
    Are you still interested in The Knights of Jeru thread?
  • I like your username would you like to plot? Just so y ou know im deaf blind on my left side and have aspergers so sometimes my posts might look a little wonkly
    • Thank you and yeah I would love to create a plot with you.
    • What kind of plots do you do? I personally prefer bxb plots if possible but im willing to do bxg if im allowed to play the boy and if its supernatural bc I don't like re4alisitixc straight plots realistic is fine with me if its gay though
    • We could possible do a bxb and bxg in the same roleplay. I know it seems like a lot but I have done it in the past and find that one couple can be like friends and a background couple that help the main couple get together. I would love a supernatural roleplay. Realistic isn't always my go-to.
    • Actually I have an idea tehn if uouir open to it. What if my character is a werewoman? O r a guy that's forced to turn into a woman by full moon night. I know its odd af but I was thinking of that becuaseyou wanted to try both in one thread if your interested let me know so I can make the thread
    • Yeah, that sounds like a good plot. Go ahead and create a thread and then we can talk more about it in the thread.