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  • Miss you, Wynn!
  • Wynn! It has been awhile, but one of your users from 2010 and 19K posts has returned!
  • Why is this user so inactive yet popular, my old account was famous in some circles and no one bothers with it XP
  • How in the world do you get negative 235,745 points????
  • I miss you, wyn. <3
  • hello is this wynn who used to roleplay horses with me
  • You're awesome Wynn
  • wynn! its nice to see you again :0 hope you're doing well!
  • Hi Wynn, it's Thunderstorm, from 2009 XD I was the one to plagiarize some of the site's designs back when it was WCRPG, but I was 10 then so I'm definitely sorry I was such a pain X3 Do you remember me?
  • How do you have -171,692 points?
    • Shes the owner XD its probably like -1 point for every time she reads a fishtank thread XD I mean now it says -171,666 so its going up somehow
  • Hey Wynn. You probably don't remember me, but I haven't forgotten about you. :P
    I haven't really seen you around for a long time, but I hope you are doing okay and everything is going well for you wherever you are now. :)
  • Hey Wynn! I hope you have a good day!
  • Hello Wynn. It's Cynder. From the first year here? When it was WCRPG?
  • first one to comment c;