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  • stalking you because ily
  • *casually dumps cabbage here*
  • Slug has made this wall their home
    • ok but you have to live in the basement and pay rent 👀
    • ...no slug live here for free in the walls
  • this gay has blessed me and my life with love
    i love ren and i will protecc them with my life 🔪🔪🔪
    • aww u big gay <3
      love u snapperdoodle
  • here spreading a forest fire of love because ur a cool dork 12/10 person right here
    • oh nO not loVe

      *dumps water*
      i’m unworthy
  • Please bring Duck back to rc (i love him so much)
    • zzzzHhHaRRR
      ily and your kid Rye even tho he’s an angry sad

      I would bring him back! But! I had a BloodClanner cripple him ;;; because angst
    • Please let Rye personally drag him back. I love him too much. Also i get that you have a lot of charries to focus on (ahem I’ll wait forever) also I’m really sorry if any of this sounds passive aggressive because I don’t mean it to and my socialnesseses has gotten worse
    • What???
      Not passive aggressive at all! I am actually so happy to hear someone liked him. Honestly I felt like he was overlooked, so I sent him away ;; It’s really awesome that someone actually liked my dumb boy.
      Also that’d be neat, actually. Give my sweet gay another try. I’ve been missing him, but I wasn’t sure how bringing him back would work..

      Not passive aggressive <3 don’t worry. I miss Duck a lot. A lot lotlot. Maybe we could have a thread? Bring my sweet boy back bc I miss himmmm
    • I like Dune c: but Duck was so cute and innocent and fluffy. I’m just trying to give Rye one last angst with Bloodclan and then I’m going to let him be happy for a while. also yes to either a thread with rye and dune or rye and duck c:
    • *Yeets this sad kid in*

      Alrite. I’m gonna give my bby another try
  • Does Clovershade have any significant others?
  • What was your Fortnite thing again
  • Squeelz you’re back
  • Did you see the StonePeak stuck in a tree thread? Lol
    • haha I'll check in a sec :)) Have a billion (10) threads I need to reply to! I'll try to finish soon <3
  • Aiiii should I have StonePeak be carrying? Of course they wouldn’t know of it until he starts showing.
  • Shall I make a thread just for the two of them?
    • Sounds fun! also omg I love best friends falling in love and on top of that its gay
    • IKR! Lol I’ll post it now!
    • And it is up!
    • You are slow to reply lol I’m on pins and needles
    • omg sorry! I was having dinner