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  • These boys have never talked before but I love Ken so maybe we could plot with these boys?
  • ken is my favorite i love him sm
    also this wall is now mine ily val
    • wasp is my favorite i love her sm
      also this comment is now mine ily spanny
    • ily moreeee val <33
      u own me heart
  • Hey! I love Ken a lot! I was wondering if maybe him and my dumb boyo could have a thread? Felix sees him eyeing Canary, and I thought it would be super funny if he confronted Ken about it :')
    • THANK U ken might luv u 2

      THATD be really funny as well like Canary was all suspicious about his parents being affectionate with each other and Ken would just think its adorable if hes like why are u looking at that guy weird >: (

      who makess???
    • I can :) I have loads of muse rn
    • TYSM