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  • Hmm...Would any of your cats do good in dark plots?
    • depends on the role they'd play i suppose!
  • I need your advice for the names of Heronflight's revised litter. Is it alright if one of them shares the sort-of same first letters ('He---')? And is it alright if only one has a bird-themed name until otherwise?

    The litter revised: Heatherkit, Leopardkit, Robinkit, and Echokit.
    • I think it's fine! I don't see why one of them couldn't share some letters! And hey, they don't all have to be bird themed, it feels fine to me and the names of the revised litter sound pretty cool!
  • Mind telling me more about your Warrior Cats characters?
  • What kinds of plots do you do?
    • I like to think I do a bit of everything? I don't particularly settle on one sort of thing. Realistic, fantasy, WC, other animals, magic, all that sort of stuff. I don't really do fandom? I'm not confident in doing plots in fandoms unless I'm extremely into them aha. Hope that's what you were looking to hear.
    • Yeah. Cause I'm interested in plotting with stuff like supernatural creatures.
    • Supernatural creature plots are always incredibly interesting to do, in my eyes!
    • Although I'm more in the mood for a canon-but-not-canon Warriors plot.
    • Oh? Such as?