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  • Is there a space still available in your death and coffee thread because I would really like to join it
  • Hey I was wondering if you would like to rp?
  • Is it okay if my other superhero girl is a purple-skinned, pointy-eared gal who actually goes out in the open like that?
    • Totally, that'd be pretty cool actually~
    • Yeah! Her name's Darcy Solomon ("Abomination"). Inspired by characters such as Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler, Darcy from Winx Club, and Solomon from the NES Godzilla Creepypasta.
  • Doest uthou mind if I make my own two versions of your coven idea? As long as I give thou credit? One will have me as an older character, the other a younger.
  • Mind if I change Bodil's faceclaim to Dreama Walker?
  • Excited for our plot!
  • I GOT IT! Based off an old plot: Following a one-night stand, our characters discover each other's status as a supernatural creature.
  • You seem to enjoy the obscure creatures of mythology.