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The winner of the October game giveaway for Overwatch is: Shywolf! Congratulations!

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  • I love you so much Bael <3333333
  • I love you bael <3
  • I just had to say I like your pfp it reminds me of a drawing scribs made :000000
  • heyo >: 3 could scorchedface and his son maybe have a thread? Possibly blahk asking him why he was never around and them striking up a weird hateful convo?
    • Sure thing! Any ideas on how you want them to meet?
    • possibly scorched just walking around somewhere near the city and itd be by chance? he can ask a lot of questions about mal or smth too i just wann him to be curious asf
    • Well he has enough scars now to make any cat curious. I can make it next hour unless you wanna make it now c:
    • oof if u could thatd be <3
  • I like your profile picture X3
  • This place is empty, so I have come with a wonderful post to fill the void