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  • Hey there, I was wondering if you would like a plot between olivekit and shark? She;s gonna get him as a mentor(RC decided it) and maybe in this plot she could annoy the shit outta him and he gests pissed af at her, and later on he could calm down in time for her ceremony?
  • Hey! just wondering, would Sharkpool be open to being friends/being kinder or gentler to one certain cat? Or something like just preffering to be with them/while still lowkey mean or grouchy and the other being oblivious and affectionate in return?
    just generally a friendly or possibly romantic but after like ages n ages?

    lmk if that sounds interesting between cloud and shark : )
    • he’s just kind of a jerk but if ur nice to him he will be less of a jerk lol

      this boy desperately needs friends tho so i am interest
    • well thats what i thought,

      i think theyd fit since shed prpbably be oblivious to his jerk shit so itd work in a sort of weird way, would you like a thread? : 3
    • yeah!! could you make? i’m super Busy this week ahdjdj
  • question: ,,,what is shark's future lookin like

    like?? is he going to be a mean grouchpuss forever? or is he going to... I dunno, become Evil evil? or are we going to see that he is not Entirely mean grouchpuss, he's got some goodness in his heart and can do things like Care A Lot About Others, it's just very very very very very very very very very very very deep down

    sorry if I'm being a lil annoying but shark is definitely my number one favorite character here that I've seen so far, so. I definitely want to interact with him more :D
    • aaa thank uu<3 i love ashkit sm too they should have a thread tbh

      um there’s a lot of ways i think he could go rn, he used to be chill and didn’t care about anything but then bloodclan attacked and he got Protective™️ and developed his bad temper

      his goal has lways been to become the best warrior so he won’t betray riverclan, but he’ll do morally wrong things to get himself there. and i’m gonna have him do a lot of mean things that he’ll regret later. i kinda want him to go back to being chill eventually but that won’t happen any time soon, not until he gets more confidence
    • !!!! eee!!! I!! would love!! for them to have a thread

      nice nice that all sounds so exciting!! good Character Development, that is my Shit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      alsO? ? sudden thought: sharkpool as ashpaw's mentor,,,,,,

      i mean idk just throwing the pOSSIBILITY OUt there if you're up for it. it'd probably be minor natural disaster, but like,,, funny as hell,,,,,,,, and if it goes well it could end up being beneficial for them both?? help shark get Confidence, teach ash to grow up;

      yeah. i dunno that sprung up out of nowhere
    • yee yee shark could def mentor her

      i feel like they’d both hate each other at first but maybe they could get closer eventually
    • !!!yEs!!!
  • Do you mind if I have Puds crush on Shark? She likes those bad-boi types. Nothing romantic has to come from it, I just feel like she'd have a crush on him for a bit.
    • aww sure! o: omg he will feel so good about himself knowing one (1) cat in riverclan doesn’t hate him
    • b0i wha t olive likes him owo?
  • Welcome