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  • Hey Hyena, are you at all into fantasy stuff, or DnD stuff?
    • Abso-FKN-lutely
    • DO YOU LIKE WATCHING DND CAMPAIGNS?! (Like The Adventure Zone or Critical Role)
    • I have never thought to watch a campaign?! But I think I would (I'd much rather roleplay one though at the moment but hey)- also, I will take this time now to wish you a Merry Christmas. Eh hm... MERRY CHRISTMAS
    • Its actually really exciting! I've never played DnD myself, but they teach a lot about it in the one I've been watching, and the characters are really interesting too (probably because the players are all mostly famous voice actors like Matt Mercer, Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, etc)
      Oh uh, MERRY CHRISTMAAAAS TOO YA TOO! Hopefully you're able to gorge yourself on delicious Christmas treats :3
    • Likewise, that sounds neat AF! I kind of want to watch one now, or listen to one while I fall asleep so my head is filled with some weird behind dream lawl
  • im gonna miss you hyena!

    i just wish there was another way we could chat offsite so i could keep in touch <3

    I do not really remember when we met but im glad we did. youre an awesome person and i consider you my friend on here <3
    • Oh ok but whyyy, why must you leave!:( do you have a discord ? Is something wrong, I am thankful I am considered your friend
    • its.. a long story. one i dont want to share right now. and yes i do.
      im Raven's Mourning#0126 on discord
    • Oki doki when I get off work I will add you I will have the same usernames on discord as I do here
    • That is not working for me for some reason?
    • nvm it works!
  • I saw your request to send your character sheet to see if he’d be eligible for my thread and sure, I’d love that! However, I haven’t actually made it yet. I’m just looking for people who are interested first.
    • I could tell that from the conversation in the chat, but I'd rather know ahead of time that way I don't get hype for you to tell me no, y'know?
  • Aye! its Laito!
    • Oh hey Laito!
    • henlo
    • how's things here on FF been for ya?
    • Slow. Not much to reply to. But, what i do have to reply to i have kind of put off due to some irl problems.

      For example, my dog needs a $715 surgery to remove her uterus as she has pyometra which can turn fatal if it becomes a closed case of it.
    • Oh no I am so sorry, I just recently got my own dog, his name is Bambi
  • Hey, hope you're doing good. Thought I would drop by and say hello. This is Kizami/Isami Btw lol
    • Hey yeah I came back from a long break (obviously) and then i had to take another one to move furniture into apartment
    • Yeah, I hear ya. I'm glad you're doing well though, good to see ya!
  • How long have you been ARMY?? and do you have a bias?? (who is it! :D)
    • I kind of was army without realizing there was an army, I listened to kpop and bts every so often near the end of my high school period not knowing what it was. Then I realized I really liked this band BTS, and I don’t like being a crazy fan and obsessing the way people do but I think I am getting sucked in it qwq. I don’t necessarily have a bias, I like them all and I find each one of them important and vital and there’s something that each of them have that I love about them.
    • But if you must make me I really like Namjoon~

      Awwwkk I love them all though!
    • you should just let yourself get sucked in <33 and aww namjoon is such a cutie! you're totally right that they're all actually amazing though
    • Yes he is ugh but no I have to function as a civilian of this earth
    • I guess it’s be polite to inquire about your familiarity with the best artists ever~
  • Do you read Skullduggery Pleasant?
  • heyy did you have muse for a Isami X Snake roleplay, my friend?
    • unfortunately not at the moment but maybe tomorrow or the next day?
    • Okay, that sounds good ^^