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  • And you mind if I give you these links to Hunter wikis? One tells you about Warriors's Lake Territories. The other updates you on Wings Of Fire.
    • uhh sure ?? we don't have a wings of fire rp I know of ??
    • Just in case I make one.
  • Just tell me if I'm overwhelming you.
    • welp i was working from this morning and most of the night here so i wasnt actually around to post anything bc i was recording lines ?? im just busy ?? in all honesty ?? most of the week?? keep in mind i voice act for a kids show that releases two episodes a week so im more than a little swamped sometimes and we usually end up having a lot of threads and then randomly dropping half of them i d k
    • Oh! And I still apologize. I guess I latched onto ya when I realized you liked Mortal Kombat. Most of the time, I'll ask about that (or Anita Blake) and get utter silence from others.
    • ahh no i totally get it!!!!! im completely free for the weekend now and for the next week bc we recorded all the weeks episodes mmfff but no i get it !!! youre my best rp partner and ily !! <3
    • *Hugs you tightly*
  • I love your profile aesthetic??
    pokemon is my life bless
    • aww thank you wtf ?? shus h ??????? let me say i'm a fan of yours too fcjkesbfkre !!!!!
    • oop oooop sorry just saw this !! i was sleeping aha whats up ??
    • Your Character is the child of mine. And...They're rather vicious. Compared to their normal sibling. Both are fairly young.
    • hmmmm im up for that !!!!!! that sounds interesting !!
    • We'll work with Crimson King. A fan of the works of H.P. Lovecraft.
    • ooo alrighty !! i used to read a lot of hp lovecraft ahaha
  • The supernatural plots I have in mind include A) Melanie, a wereanimal and half-sister to My Character, comes back into his life and B) the story of a witch-boy helping a girl see her mother again...With dire results.
    • oooo id be willing to do both of these if you wanted !!!!! these sound equally interesting !!
  • Yo?
    • mmff im so sorry mate!! ive been hardcore busy out the arse?? im finally free here now!!
    • Awesome! More plot ideas, have I.
    • OOOOOOOO yes!! hit me up with those!!!
    • One of my crossover ideas: A girl and her companion from her own universe are either A) guided through the Underworld by a yellow demon ninja B) forced to accompany a very aggressive resurrected Edenian queen or C) facing a crazed demonic hybrid with monster fangs
    • oooo these sound fun!!! idk which one even appeals to me the most ahaha ?? im basically a fan of any of them
  • Oh, by the way: Your thoughts on Digimon? I've been eager to mix it and MK, too.
    • hmm Ive never actually seen much on digimon??? I suppose it was past my time ahah. ive seen a few episodes of the anime, but that's about it?? id be interested in seeing more tho, it looked cute af
    • I'll provide you with a wiki link. They've served me well: We've GOT to do this. With a old-yet-new-pal of mine.
    • aha ill read into it rn!! i always thought digimon seemed interesting!!
    • It's sort of got MK's premise: Chaos when two worlds meet. Earth warriors fighting monsters from another world.
    • im like totally interested in this!! it sounds really fun!! and ive been reading stuff from the wiki for a while now and i like it a lot!! id be up for a plot like that!!
  • Sorry I keep bugging you with ideas and alternate versions.
    • Nooo wtf don't apologise I love it !!!! <3 if you feel like that, we could totally throw two of our ideas together!!!! Ive had an idea for a thread involving orre & cipher recently!! We could totally make a really cool plot for ourselves bb!!!
    • Sure! And I have an alternate version of the White Wraith thread, where I'm playing the child.
  • Say! Should I make another version of our private PMK plot with Paige as the lead? Another third will join us.
  • Did ya get any notifications from me?