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  • Excuse me, but do you do Warriors fanclans?
    • Not really, sorry. I mostly stick to the main game or trad.
  • hey i am sorry for leaving without saying anything I really enjoyed the astrea thread but I kind of just feel off in terms of free time
    • It’s fine! I’ve actually been the same. My muse has been draining heh. Take your time!
  • I don't know if you already happen to have a map of Astrea but I would like to draw a made-up province that would be in Astrea and use it as reference in my characters' bios
    • I actually don't have a map of Astrea, go right on ahead!
  • Hi I wanted to know if Your still doing the Astrean thread
    • No, not really. I might do it again someday, but have been more focused on my other accounts.
    • O.O other accounts, how do you o thissss~
    • Sometimes I ask myself the same question.
    • when are you coming back uwu
  • Pm ~Dusty~ we had to make new sign up form
    • Just saw it and added my form. Thank you!
    • We always look out for our pack. :) Welcome to the pack.
    • Happy to be here!
    • Glad to have you. Other than the bull crude with Lillian wolf, you should go read about the pack. :3
    • Yeah, it was a bit uncalled for, calling you all bastards and using ADHD as an excuse, which bothered me.
      I'll go now. If I make any mistakes, let me know!
  • Hey, I was wondering if you would be interested in joining a werewolf role play as a beta? Here is the link: feralfront.com/thread/2558624-…erewolf-sign-up/?pageNo=2
    • Sorry, but I'm dealing with some stuff right now, and had to drop out of a few rps, including most of my werewolves! Again I'm so sorry!
    • I'll join when I can
  • Is it alright if I make my female character a trainee rider still, though she is 18 while she and her dragon recover from their imprisonment on Astrean Dragonriders?
    • Sure!
    • Thank you! I am planning on making my child character heir to a noble house that had control of some lands in the Astrean Kingdom. Is that alright?
    • Yeah. Sole heir to the throne is off-limits (Tori doesn't realize she's the heir.)
      Kinda always wanted to rp a badass ninja princess
    • Thanks again.
    • I had a thought for Ehectal and Hyacinth's backstory. I was thinking in the land they come from, the dragons there could speak but during their imprisonment something was done to Ehectal to render him to lose the ability of mental speech and it puts a strain on their relationship and it's part of what they have to learn again, how to communicate by Ehectal's body language and sounds? Maybe a relative of Tori's held the pair hostage and died in the invasion, thinking he/she would be spared from harm?
  • Triquetra's lying down now curled around the pup to keep it warm. Just correcting that part in your post.