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  • Ok I am talking into my phone so it will cut down on my grammar mistakes
    • Maybe type and re-read to correct your grammar mistakes. (This will be counted as your first warning) also when your character is speaking put this: “words here”
      (I am also always writing on my phone)
  • Hey I started a new rp want to join it's reverse falls
  • I implied some things with Rowan just now, and I could either just say the "information" is some new locations the herd might not have visited so it doesn't impact the plot too much, or maybe he could warn them of danger that could become a plot point (eg. wolf pack, humans, disease)
  • Just a heads up for the Not Quite Little Red Riding Hood thread, there’s going to be a few NPC characters like Red’s parents, probably Red’s “girlfriend” (the one you mentioned, a few othee human characters like teachers, classmates, maybe even some of Red’s friends, the overly-aggressive alpha of Alyssa’s enemy pack (you know, kind of like a Renier-type character), members of Alyssa’s pack, members of the enemy pack, possibly alphas and members of other werewolf packs, etc. What I’m saying is that there’s a lot of NPCs that I probably won’t be able to play on my own, so I was wondering if you maybe wanted to play some of them.
    • Also, another heads up, I’m okay with Zac/Red having more adrenaline in his wolf form, but please don’t make him have an overall personality change. Not accusing you of anything, just thought I’d let you know.
    • Ok! Everything sounds good.
  • Sure mika can be interested in pepper but I'll try keep the drama low-level, he's not as in your face as others
  • Hi there, you've missed a couple of my questions on your wild horse thread. Do humans exist in this world, at least passively...? I addressed it in my last post :)
    • I answered them in my last post :3 yes they do but there aren’t a lot
  • Sorry, I’m trying to make a template that doesn’t look like garbage for the Selection RP!!! My fancyposts aren’t working. ;-;
    • Oh no!
    • if you know how to make one that works, that would be nice ;-; or if you knew someone who did
    • You don’t need a template, just post. It’s ok because I know what’s wrong :3
  • Hello. I’ll reply to the dragon thread soon. Still a bit busy. I’m still interested! Just can’t get around to posting yet. :)
    • Ok just making sure! Thank you sorry if I’m being annoying. It’s just it’s happened so many times it makes me sad.
    • It’s okay, I understand <3
  • Jay, do you know Camsten? Because I just came up with something!
  • Hey I saw your “Our family will grow” thread, and that seemed interesting, though I’m still not 100% sure on joining it. I’m not good with a lot of characters, lol. Anyways, instead do you want to do a PAFP 2 on 2 lion thread?
    • Sure!
    • Could you create the thread though?
    • Certainly. I’m still not 100% what it’ll be about though. Might tie it into Lion King? IDK.
    • Sure!
    • Any suggestions for the plot? A part of me wanted to kind of do a Scar x OC thing, but that’s probably done. Other than that I don’t have any ideas for the main plot.
  • Did you want to post to be a little more than I added. If so i will add on to it tomorrow.
    • I’ll take a look! I don’t really do rp’s like that by I might try.
    • Ok
  • hoi
  • I miss you!!!!
    • Same!!! We need to get back into rp.
    • Yes!! I’m planning on starting back up!
    • Alrighty I’ll do whatever I can to help.
    • Okay! I did post on the thread
  • Hey there, I hope you thought I didn't want you to join us. You're more than welcome, I just like to keep track of everyone through the sign up. Anyway, hope to see you soon!!
    • Oh no it’s my bad I accidentally replied to the wrong thread... sorry.
    • Oh, well we'd be happy to have you