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  • Hey are you into How to Train Your Dragon? Or any dragon stuff?
    • Ooooh YES!
    • I have a rp up that I'd love to see you in then! feralfront.com/thread/2615224-…-httyd-based-rp-sign-ups/
    • Are you planning on joining? ya e’re probably gonna start pretty soon and I don’t want to leave anyone behind lol
    • I would but I’m really busy with a show at the moment so I’m only do a few threads, three being the max and one of mine that’s a collab is coming out so then I’ve reached my max, Sorry!
  • Do the wolves I make work of do I need to fix something I changed the beta to a hunter
    • Your images must be more realistic, look at Tazihound on deviantart for images! Also youcan't have both lead warrior, medic and delta.
  • Are you still gonna join the elemental pack thread?
    • Yes! Sorry life is a butt right now! Has there been an alpha change?
    • Not yet but you can be Ranger's Alpha female if not then wait a few more posts to be scars, I''ve got it mostly planned out on how ranger will die so you can be the greiving wife or the tyrannical wife up to you.
    • Who’s scar played by? I’ll totslly be his alpha female instead!
    • Me I play both scar and ranger Scar is the delta who takes over the pack once the Alpha is killed by him.
    • Cool! So I'll play next alpha female, let me find some images!
  • I hate to be a bother ,but on the 1x1 threads it is your turn to post.
  • In a Dog's Survival I made Lucifer also want to be the leader. Is that okay?
  • Do you do large cat RPs?
  • Are you almost finished with your horses in Song of Dawn? (Mainly the king)
  • Here’s that animal RP thread about the animated movie crossover I told you about if you’re still interested.
  • I don’t mean to annoy you, but would you be interested in a BXG thread between a rogue wolf and a stray dog?
    • Ooh that does sound very interesting, however I’d rather like a small group role play because two person rps bore me but go ahead and explain the plot!
    • That’s perfectly alright. Its where an optimistic, helpful pet dog comes across a stray dog she once knew back when they were a housepet who tells her that she should move to the wild as it was the best decision they ever made. While all the other dogs blow them off, the female dog takes his advice and runs away from home one morning. However, she doesn’t know how to properly survive in the wild and looks around for help. Meanwhile, she comes across a cold, bad-boy rogue wolf. The dog asks him if he could help her, and while the wolf is initially annoyed with her, he comes across a plan to benefit himself. He strikes a deal with her, saying that if he helps her learn the ways of a stray, she has to do him some favors regarding his work as a rogue. She happily agrees, and the two end up roaming the forest together. While the wolf doesn’t like the dog at first, her eagerness to help and her kindness ends up charming him and allowing him to soften up, striking a bit of a romance between the two star-crossed lovers. The only issue is that its a 1 on 1 thread.
    • I love the plot! But to be honest why I dislike one on one threads is because they’re predictable with the romances, I like it to have a lot of options and interesting things like that
    • Honestly that’s fair enough. Its just an idea I’ve been having for a while now, and I didn’t know who would want to join it.
    • Hmm if you somehow made it into a group rp I would totally join!
  • Hi! I hate being a pest but are you still interested in the two threads that we have together or no? I understand if you are unable to post since things have been crazy on my end. Another thing I have been wanting to make a group thread maybe a pack but I'm not sure how to go about it.
    • Yes! Sorry I tend to get bored by private threads. (It’s a problem) I’m really sorry. And a pack would be awesome! Come to me with any questions.
    • It's fine don't worry. Also for a pack there are so many packs out laready so I don't know how to make one that wouldn't die off quickly. I also have never relaly amde a group thread before soooo, yeah whole new realm for me.
    • *hugs you* Squeeeee yesss!!!!
  • Hey Jay? You know how to get fancyposts for threads?
    • What type?
    • Any really. I just want some that looks nice for an upcoming thread. Its going to be an advanced one, so I want it to look presentable.
    • I’d look at the coding center?
    • I can’t find it. I think they might’ve replaced it with the genetics center.
    • It’s in general board, then you click on artists and stuff
  • Hey man, not to sound rude or anything, but I’ve noticed on a few of my threads that you and some of your friends tend to join the thread, but then slowly stop responding. I just wanted to say I’m perfectly fine with you losing muse or even losing interest in a thread of mine, just please let me know, as opposed to not responding and never addressing your sudden absence, especially whenever there’s a case of you or one of your friend’s characters being involved in a plot important scene. That’s all.
    • Alright! I’m so sorry.
    • Its alright. Just please let me know next time.
    • Can I know the thread? I’ll work on replying!
    • Well, its been multiple threads. If it was just one thread I wouldn’t have brought it to your attention.
    • The only ones I can think of right now, if you want more specifics, are Stray and The Grey.
  • I feel like it’s been a while since we last talked. How have you been?
    • I’m good! How are you?
    • Pretty good myself. I’ve been making a lot of threads that no one’s been joining and I’m a bit stressed out with IRL stuff, but I think I’m pretty good overall!
    • I’m sorry that doesn’t sound fun. I was just remember your reindeer thread and I’m hoping you’ll remake it this year!
    • Thanks! It would be pretty apropo to release it around December, wouldn’t it? Also, I just made a new thread today in the Other Animals section when I saw a few new threads. Some of them were yours and they seem interesting, so I hope you don’t mind if I maybe join at least some of them, even though I wasn’t invited.
    • Go ahead darling! Lemmecheck out your thread!
  • Hey there, just another reminder that you need to have your forms up. If you want the weekend to work on them and you communicate that with me, I can hold them for you, but otherwise I'll reopen the positions you reserved.
    • You can reopen the positions :(
    • You’ve had 2 of them reserved for a week and you haven’t even started a form? Do you have an idea when you might be able to finish them?
    • I’ve worked on a few ideas but idk if I’m interested yet
    • If you don’t know if you’re interested then maybe you could have decided that before you reserved limited positions. Can you please decide by Monday and have your forms started by then? Otherwise I will reopen the positions for people who are active and interested.
    • Just reopen the positions, if I’m still interested I’ll go for some lower positions
  • If you’re still interested in Guard Dogs, please have your forms up by Friday. Thanks!
  • Hey not to rush you or anything, but do you know when you’re going to reply to The Grey? A lot of people are waiting on you.
    • Soon! Sorry school got me a little busy at the moment
    • Nah its okay, I got it.
  • I love cats and I’m going to make my character have a pet cat (I’m talking about the Egyptian mythology thread BTW), but I’m also thinking about giving her another different kind of pet. What kind of other pets are allowed? Like are dogs allowed, or are cats the only pets allowed in the underworld? Also, I’ve been dying for an Anubis thread for a while now, so this is very coincidental you show up, lol.
    • I would rather felines be the only pets, and that’s so cool!
    • 👉🏼👉🏼 You got it. Also I finished my form. Also also, maybe we can do a one on one plotting thread about Anubis one day. (For some reason all of my ones so far have been urban fantasy BXG threads that died)
    • Sure!
    • Cool cool. Well, PM me if you have any ideas. I’m all tapped out as of now.
  • I changed it
  • Ok I am talking into my phone so it will cut down on my grammar mistakes
    • Maybe type and re-read to correct your grammar mistakes. (This will be counted as your first warning) also when your character is speaking put this: “words here”
      (I am also always writing on my phone)
  • Hey I started a new rp want to join it's reverse falls
  • I implied some things with Rowan just now, and I could either just say the "information" is some new locations the herd might not have visited so it doesn't impact the plot too much, or maybe he could warn them of danger that could become a plot point (eg. wolf pack, humans, disease)
  • Just a heads up for the Not Quite Little Red Riding Hood thread, there’s going to be a few NPC characters like Red’s parents, probably Red’s “girlfriend” (the one you mentioned, a few othee human characters like teachers, classmates, maybe even some of Red’s friends, the overly-aggressive alpha of Alyssa’s enemy pack (you know, kind of like a Renier-type character), members of Alyssa’s pack, members of the enemy pack, possibly alphas and members of other werewolf packs, etc. What I’m saying is that there’s a lot of NPCs that I probably won’t be able to play on my own, so I was wondering if you maybe wanted to play some of them.
    • Also, another heads up, I’m okay with Zac/Red having more adrenaline in his wolf form, but please don’t make him have an overall personality change. Not accusing you of anything, just thought I’d let you know.
    • Ok! Everything sounds good.
  • Sure mika can be interested in pepper but I'll try keep the drama low-level, he's not as in your face as others
  • Hi there, you've missed a couple of my questions on your wild horse thread. Do humans exist in this world, at least passively...? I addressed it in my last post :)
    • I answered them in my last post :3 yes they do but there aren’t a lot
  • Sorry, I’m trying to make a template that doesn’t look like garbage for the Selection RP!!! My fancyposts aren’t working. ;-;
    • Oh no!
    • if you know how to make one that works, that would be nice ;-; or if you knew someone who did
    • You don’t need a template, just post. It’s ok because I know what’s wrong :3
  • Hello. I’ll reply to the dragon thread soon. Still a bit busy. I’m still interested! Just can’t get around to posting yet. :)
    • Ok just making sure! Thank you sorry if I’m being annoying. It’s just it’s happened so many times it makes me sad.
    • It’s okay, I understand <3
  • Jay, do you know Camsten? Because I just came up with something!
  • Hey I saw your “Our family will grow” thread, and that seemed interesting, though I’m still not 100% sure on joining it. I’m not good with a lot of characters, lol. Anyways, instead do you want to do a PAFP 2 on 2 lion thread?
    • Sure!
    • Could you create the thread though?
    • Certainly. I’m still not 100% what it’ll be about though. Might tie it into Lion King? IDK.
    • Sure!
    • Any suggestions for the plot? A part of me wanted to kind of do a Scar x OC thing, but that’s probably done. Other than that I don’t have any ideas for the main plot.
  • Did you want to post to be a little more than I added. If so i will add on to it tomorrow.