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  • feralfront.com/thread/2551224-lostclan-revamp/ Saw you browsing the clan forums so I wish to invite you to this thread.
    • How the hey did you know that xD
    • If you hover over a name (without clicking it) it'll show last activity, like yours showed from Dashboard, to Unofficial Clan Forum, to Sunclan.
    • Ahhhh neato. Unfortunately I’m on Mobile so I don’t get that luxury xD
    • it still shows on mobile :D click on my profile and you'll see last activity under my name and it'll show your profile name
    • I’ve seen that, I just don’t get the hover on Mobile, which is sad. There’s a few other things unavailable on mobile, I think, but I don’t remember what they are.
  • Hello
    • Hello there!
    • do you take rp requests?
    • Depends on what it is. I don’t do sexual, and i prefer more action stuff. Why do you ask?
    • What do you concider sexual? because to me, that means going to romantic extremes
    • Just sex in general, so yeah, romantic extremes. I don’t do that stuff