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  • “Because the Sphynx is a mutation that occurred naturally by the whim of Mother Nature, this is a breed that had its start from the gene pool of ordinary domestic cats. The Sphynx gene for hairlessness is a simple recessive. When we breed a normal-coated cat to a Sphynx, all the kittens will have a normal coat.”

    Never mind I guess they can.

    Kits’ll probably be like: why is my mom so... ugly?
  • Lol wonder what would happen should Lilystar and mal be together? It’d be a riot, and BloodClan would probably hate her should they find out who the “father” is. Lol that and it may not work out given Mal is a Sphynx , a hairless feline
    • tbh i was thinking maybe Mal/Lily could have a thread? Like maybe Lily tries to convince Mal (because shes new) that its not worth living in Bloodclan or something? :0
    • darkclan would riot bloodclan would riot lily would probably jump from a cliff having anymore kits lmaoo
    • I don’t know if that would work, but we could try! Lol

      She probably won’t want to leave her twoleg necklace (really a bracelet) behind in her room in the hotel, and also wouldn’t want to leave her prankster friend Caledon.
    • Lol I didn’t that second reply til just now! But the thread is up
  • Is that a shiny leafeon as your avatar?
    They are so hard to tell the difference.
    (I play Silver btw)
    • yup!! a shiny leafeon it is! c; yeah the only real difference between the shiny and the normal is the /slight/ colour change haha