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  • Hey, cool profile picture!
    • Thanks! It's art of my character made by a friend of mine named Yakan!


      That's her if you'd like to go tell her that you liked it, I'm sure she'd love to hear it! :D
    • Cool! I will! I´m Jolty, by the way, it´s a pleasure!
    • Likewise, wonderful to meet you!
    • So, I assume you roleplay! What kind of roleplay do you do?
    • Well here recently I've been roleplaying on the extended/non-traditional boards with my character Kayn here who is a demonic wolf in the Cartel/Blackheart Rogues, and another in Sunclan named Aranea who is a kitsune.

      I do also roleplay all other kinds of stuff animal related or not though, as long as it isn't basic realistic human roleplay since I personally find that a bit boring.