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  • Hey Beerus can you link me to our FNAF thread? (I made a new account, someone got my password and stalked me as feather)
  • Im sorry
    • about what?
    • about everything I've. ever done to you ,my existence. and my stupidness ,and most important the bother i am to you
    • you are no bother to me, I enjoy your very presence in my life
    • you are not stupid
    • I love you, and always think of you
  • Good morning how are you?
  • :3 Hey!
    • hey!
    • :3 Ughh man my school is SO boring. But I don't mind, I have access to computers all the time :)
    • lol me too
    • I responded as well
    • Yeah.. So we had this college thing, to show us which colleges are in maine, and most of my classmates picked based on the stickers they had and then there's me and my friend who actually looked at the programs we had. We teased out classmates afterward, saying "Well, we weren't going sticker shopping like you!"
  • Thanks for the follow!
    • you are welcome. do you rp?
    • Yeah! What kinda things are you into?
    • anime, steen universe, dbz, fantasy, scifi , romantic, crossovers, undertale, sonic, marvel and dc
      just to name a few : )
    • Awesome! I might be a little limited on certain things but there are other ones that I think I could definitively do like Marvel, Dc, pretty much any Sci-fi or fantasy. XD I should probably warn you that I'm a bit nervous about rping characters that aren't my OC's out of fear of not capturing them right. :3
    • what oc is that on your profile pic?
  • H ELLO!
    • hi
    • My name is Jasper, it is a pleasure to meet you!
    • hi jasper as you can tell by my profile name my name is obviously long branch penny whistle
    • lol jk it's beerus
    • Pfft, well nice to meet you Beerus! I saw you were upset and came to be your friend!
  • Brandon!!!
    • YES!!
    • Oh Brandon how much i've missed you!!
    • I missed you too!
    • *Kisses you* i've missed you too much you've been gone, i've been worrying and I've been crying!
    • * kisses back * I do try to talk to you very Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I am so sorry that you cried
  • I have a question do you have su amino ?
  • Hi
  • would you like to do another romance rp but have it be a king if a kingdom take interest in a peasant women?
  • Sorry if I'm annoying you, but its just I prefer to RP with certain people, and I often only RP with my friends, and they usually consist if BxB and OCs.
    • I like both those things
    • but I guess I understand
    • but very few people like what I like and you seemed well acquainted with gaming and some of the anime I like
    • Well I'm often busy with many other RPs, so I usually go out and ask people if they RP because 99% of the time, the RP someone asks me to try dies out fast.
    • okay then I guess we won't rp any tome soon then because you don't rp with non friends
  • Hello. Would you RP?