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    • ..Are you mad at me?
    • I am not mad at you. I just needed time to not stress myself anymore and see if I can get my eyes in order. I like ya Styxx! I really do!
      I just didn't want to hurt myself.
    • Just wanna let you know.. I can't reply to our conversation? Dunno if we hit the limit, or because of FF errors? The box for me to type it doesn't even appear. Hope your eyes get better.
    • *scoots in like the nosey butt I am* Try reloading and wait till the whole page loads up, I've been through it before too with one of my convo's
    • <3 Awe, thanks for lookin' out for us.
      unfortunately, I've reloaded it more than 10 times and still nothing.. and i'm bored of staring at it, so idk wut now to do, maybe just start over. How far have you gotten? I think we are on page 23-24.