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  • Plot?
    • Uhh sure what did you have in mind
    • You know how olives a lil bitch and hates everyone?
      Maybe after bee gets mauled(his right eye is gone right) she could try and be his friend or something? But before she's like super scared of him bc he looks weird(OC opinion)?
    • yeah that works. it would be weird, since bee is scared of everyone so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • Oof I can totally see her avoiding him and him avoiding her like
      Olive: ono theres bee *skirts a big curve to the left*
      Bee: oof another clanmate
      *skirts to the right*
      Tempestwing: these two are lit
  • gold and bee........need a thread
  • this wall is protected by this dad
  • e AT
  • Rye should totally mentor Bee... but like he’s probs not going to be a warrior for a while bc I just aged him and he has like 3 moons of training to do....
    • Beekit would wait. He'd be like "nah I want rye"
    • they would be so cute, but then they’ll be like brothers and ahhhhh
    • sobs bee loves him so much
    • rye loves him so much, honestly he’s going to be so mad when he realizes bee wasn’t eating.
    • :(( dont scare my boy