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  • Thread between Silentkit and Faded?
    • Sure! I can't make just yet, watching a thing on plastic for a project, will be back in an hour or so
    • I’m in church so will be waiting <3
    • Turns out we're doing family stuff, won't be on till tomorrow ^^ night!
    • Arrrrgh!
  • *casual poke*
    been meaning to ask - care for a thread between these two cuties? ;3
    • Yeaaaaah! They'll be so cute ^^ Can you make? If not, I'll be able to by tomorrow!
    • im so sorry for the late reply aaghh thank you for making ;;W;;

      also would you mind if I made Mercy completely enraptured with Faded? I really want her to have a crazy puppy crush on someone huehue ;3
    • np, and oh my gosh of course, that'd be so cute! :3 With Pantherpaw hating him rn, things'll be weird/interesting/great XD
  • I want to make a character for FadedPaw. What’s he into? Or does it matter?

    • aw, cute picture, and thank you! Hmm, since what happened in BC, he's even more reclusive and introverted then before, and is going to have major trouble trusting any cats, even his clan mates now. I was hoping to have him fall for Pigeonpaw, but his rper went inactive I believe lol. Anything will work, but maybe someone more energetic and out there, to kind of encourage him or something? But the main parts are up to you! :) :D
    • Oh they’re energetic alright. I haven’t decided on their gender yet... -sigh-
    • lol, that part doesn't matter, Faded's bi (if you didn't see lol)
    • Well then maybe pantherpaw’s a male then since it’s what I’m most comfortable with!
    • alright, asure!